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Come and taste our steel!

Clan name: Warsong Clan

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Battle banner:

Clan site: http://Morebeer.cba.pl​

After year of our existence on warband scene i want to present WSC on talewords. We have many good players and we want to show ourselves in a good manner. WSC is ruled by a strong hand of dictator, loved by everyone, chieftain: WarCrow.

Our clan members are mostly playing on polish servers, Nditions, IGBattlegrounds and of course on our own server - MoreBeer.
If you are an active player and are at least 16years old, you can try joining us. All information about recrutation are on our forum.

Actual list of member: http://www.calradianrealms.com/warband.php?id=195

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WarbandWSC