[WSC] Preview | The Underdogs (1/4)

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SeánC said:
Great read as per usual. I deem you the  orator our community.

I doubt deserving such title but I appreciate the compliment nontheless Sean, glad you like the preview! :smile:
As I said in the steam chat. Awesome work you did, looking forward to other 2 that are on plan. Also, awesome hype video!  :party:
Cheers Kern, Paulo and Garde.

Just to keep everyone updated : I've nearly finished writting most of the teams preview however so far only 30% has been proof-read or will be in the next hour. Munj leaving in the evening, it leaves 70% of the proofread to Jarvis alone which as you will be able to see once posted, is a lot to do. Therefore it is unlikely we post all the mid-tier teams tonight as it was planned.

The following issue kind of made me realise that having 9 teams posted at once would be sort of an indigestible content hence why it is probably better to have half the team posted this evening, the remaining half tomorow morning / early afternoon and the four favorites in the evening just before the matches start.

I'd like to apologizes to anyone who was expecting to read something tonight, we'll try our best to provide you as much content as it possible to but atleast don't be surprised if you see some of the teams are missing on the Mid-Tier preview we might post soon.

Best regards bladers.
DaRedViper said:
Really nice read Tardet. It is really obvious that you are putting a lot of effort in these previews  :wink:

I do, its a lot of the time but having all those wonderful feedbacks such as yours makes it worth it. Thanks mate.
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