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[size=27pt]CONGRATULATIONS  &  THANK YOUS[/size]​


First up, congratulations to our undefeated champions, Frontline Tactics. Comprised of a combination of both rising stars and experienced players, and with a completely new tactical mindset, they surely took everyone by surprise. Frontline Tactics lived up to their name and their highly aggressive playstyle, along with its tactical prowess on the battlefield, led them to an overwhelming victory against Castellans during the semi-finals, and a very one-sided match in the grand finals against Unity. Despite having multiple issues at the beginning of the tournament, they were able to overcome their struggles and grow up not only as a fantastic team, but a group of very good friends. Congratulations, we hope this is the first of many!


Unfortunately, #OneGoal wasn't enough to overcome the rise of Frontline Tactics, yet Unity has had their best run in a major tournament so far, and this is only the start for them. They proved to be capable of taking down more experienced teams such as Apis Europae, and consistently keep up the high level of skill across all of their three class departments. If they can use this defeat to their advantage and work on fixing their mistakes and tactical errors at the same rate as they did throughout the tournament, Unity will surely be a force to be reckoned with. Nonetheless, Unity should be extremely satisfied with their hard-fought second place and overall fantastic play, it was rather pleasing to see the mighty return of the Frenchmen!​



The Warband Summer Cup will probably be seen as a disappointing tournament from Apis Europae, as it was the first time ever in the team’s history they wouldn't be able to reach a grand-final. Nonetheless, their run wasn't necessarily a poor one, in that sense that they still had a pretty tight semi-final against Unity - where they showed themselves tenacious and fierce until the end. Looking at their other match results, Apis Europe was undoubtedly a dominant force in the WSC, with a flawless group stage and a very decent finish against Castellans in the bronze match, awarding them a well fought third place. Considered way too rusty by many at the beginning of the tournament, Apis Europae proved that they still can perform at the highest level despite missing a few of their best players, and it should only be a matter of time before we see them winning a tournament again. We wish you the best![/td]

[size=27pt]PLAYER AWARDS[/size]​



In a very short amount of time, SirAlecks has shown us that dedication, hard-work, and unremitting determination pays off with amazing results and statistics. But if that wasn't enough, his remarkable support skills and great clutches, mixed with his aggressive and quick playstyle, have awarded SirAlecks the Golden Laurel Wreath for being the Most Valuable Player of the tournament and an extraordinary asset to his team.​



Overall, Rainbow has proven to be one of the deadliest rangers in the scene, and a terrible foe to encounter in the battlefield. Thanks to his insane reactions, huge survivability, pinpoint accuracy, and decisive shots, Rainbow has been awarded the Golden Bow.​



Scar has had one of the best, if not the best tournament runs of his career. Thanks to his infamous double hits, incredible plays, consistent performances, and insane open map results, Scar has been awarded the Golden Sword.​



Despite not having the most kills, Ciiges had an extraordinary run this tournament, he proved profoundly capable of playing at a very high level while getting truly decisive kills, making him an extremely valuable asset for Unity. Because of that, Ciiges has been awarded the Golden Horse.​



Teamkills are normally accidents, but sometimes, "mistakes" can happen, and we can all agree that killing that pesky, annoying clanmate actually felt really good... For having the highest amount of "mistakes", Brian is awarded the Golden Jester.​



Having good leadership is always one of the most important factors in a match, but Charlini brought it to another level, thanks to his new aggressive approach to the fights and his tactical prowess, Charlini has been awarded the Golden Crown.​



Throughout the whole tournament, SirAlecks has shown great composure and countless high-skill plays, as well as a deep understanding of the game, which he combined to achieve the highest amounts of kills in the WSC, thus awarding SirAlecks with the Golden Skull.​


I'd like to start with a massive thank you to everyone that has contributed in the tournament, just by making a small video, helping out with coding, writing previews, or simply aiding the "newbie" admin team in any form or shape we're extremely glad and thankful for having such a lovely and dedicated community, without you this wouldn't even be possible.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Aeronwen, Tardet, Kane, Kiano, and Nevino for being some of the main helping pillars for the tournament outside the admin team. Our inexperience was inevitably going to cause slight issues, and all of you were there when we needed it and we hope to count on you in the future! Also a big shoutout and thank you to our main two streamers of the tournament; Greedalicious and Purzelblume, as well as their co-casters SerenaT, Viktor, Thunderbeu, Kohath, YedRellow, Supernova, Raven, and Rodriguez, your work so far has been astonishing and we can only hope to see it shine and improve in the future!  Also thanks to Tardet, Berg, Paulo, and Oliveran for your tournament promotional videos, match recordings, or simply funny videos, your livestreams and recordings helped us to reach a broader audience, and provide footage throughout the whole tournament!

Next up I'd like to thank our patrons, Kane, Magenstor, and Nexoner, and our sponsors Defenders of Wonwokie, and Legion Battle Events, for the tournament's prizepool. It has been said numerous times before, without your extremely generous donations, tournaments like the Warband Summer Cup wouldn't be possible in the first place. You help to keep this community, and its tournaments, alive and despite making the tournament way more interesting, you receive way less credit than you actually deserve.

When we asked for volunteers as referees we didn't expected that so many people were willing to help, we're extremely thankful for the job you guys have done, thanks - Raven, Arni, Prusak, LastShadow and Rome, we are glad you were on board!

Thank you to Oliveran for his work in the admin module, map fixing, and server maintenance. You helped us massively and you ensured the servers and admin module & tools were up-to-date and correctly working making matches way easier, kudos to you! Also big thank you to your "partner-in-crime" Yami for her splendid work as always with the statistics for the tournament, you added a visual representation of everyone's performance and it's highly appreciated.

Also thanks to generous people that donated their own servers for the tournament, because of you the tournament had a good variety of servers to choose from; Lord Metzger (Germany servers), Cheshire Cats Clan (France servers), and Kane (Netherlands servers).

And to start wrapping it up, massive props to Rosslington for the sick artwork and media for the tournament, you've designed what we personally think are some of the best logos & medals we have seen in a long time, and we're extremely grateful for it. If you're interested in any media or logo, make sure to check him out, you won't be disappointed! Also thanks to Belendor for the "Match of the Week" artwork along with helping several times, also a very talented graphic designer that you should check out!

And last but certainly not least, thanks to the people of TaleWorlds that has helped us, specially at the beginning (you know who you are :razz:). Your help for the tournament was greatly appreciated, and you helped us deliver a higher quality tournament, thank you!

Kind Regards,
Dume, Charlini, SirAlecks, Kane, Kiano, Nevino & Tardet.







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Congrats to everyone, was a sick tournament, my best one so far. I had a great time with my team and playing against other team, thanks to the admins and everyone involved.


Was a pleasure to stream a well organized tournament like this one! I hope for more tourneys from you guys in the future. Also big thank you to LS for being a great ref :smile:


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Had a lovely time watching the evolution of the Warband Summer Cup. Competent staff, committed streamers and high level matches made the tournament as successful as it could have possibly been and it was a pleasure helping where I could.

As much as my work for the WSC is concerned, I still have a review and a little surprise article to post, hopefully both to be released this week. Will keep you guys updated.


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one of the smoothest and contested tournaments i have played in so far, great job everyone, congrats to winners and awarded players


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Thanks to everyone who supported the tournament in any kind of way, it was really a nice tournament and we're satisfied with the outcome of it. Congratulations to the winners and to the award winners.


Well done guys on hosting an excellent tournament, with some fantastic matches. Props to the streamers as well who were constantly willing to cover matches, and to LS for being a great ref.


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Congratulations to everyone, and thanks once again for the nice tournament! :grin:


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Great job with this tournament gentlemen. Congratulations to FT and a thank you to all the admins. And to the orator, Tardet.
The LL intro was definitely the best part. Thank you Purzel for that wonderful moment and greed for his ever consistent streams.
Good job men.
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