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Resolved wrong troop tier and policy bug

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Hello, this is minor ''bug'' the troop tree from the Karakhuzait but the Tier 2 troop is listed as Tier 3 even though it has lower stats and the tier 3 is tier 2. wrong troop tier
the 2nd bug ( not sure if this is a bug ) is when i voted for the ''senates'' policy i got a -22 relation with the king. i dont know if he didnt like the policy but it said ''100% kingdom support''

Version 1.0.7
OS : Windows 10 64Bit
GPU : Radeon Rx580 8GB Nitro +
CPU : Ryzen 7 2700X
RAM : 2x 8GB Hyper X Fury
Motherboard: B450M Asrock
Storage : 1TB HDD Samsung



For your first issue that tree actually looks correct as it's part of one of the factions 'unique' troop trees which starts with troop tier 2 (nomad), tier 3 (rider) and tier 5 (elder). Looking at the stats of each tier they seem correct as each tier has better stats than the last:

Elder = 200 bow (tier 5)
Rider = 100 bow (tier 3)
Nomad = 50 bow (tier 2)

For reference here is the same type of unique tree for the Sturgians, note the 3'rd one down is actually the tier 5 symbol:


Troop tier 4, 5 and 6 symbols look similar to 1,2 and 3 symbols but they have a 'block' underneath.

However I'm not sure about your second issue, some people have complained they have strange relation issues if you have the 'Stop Conspiracy' quest active as it randomly declines your relation with kingdoms, kings and lords.

I hope this helps,
hey man, i never noticed the ''tier 5'' logo lol. wow thats on my part wtf xD. always checking troop tree but i never noticed the block underneath. damn shame haha. but thanks though. still cant believe how i didnt notice that at all. i could swear is saw ''tier 2'' when i hovered my mouse over it. or i thought i saw ''tier 2'' anyways. looks like its the way its supposed to be then xD. thanks alot ^^


Haha no problem, I think everyone is still learning things about the game at this point.

You still took the time to come to the forums and report something you thought was an issue which i'm sure the dev's appreciate :smile:
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