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In 2013 I purchased a bundle containing Warband and With Fire and Sword (Savage Fields). The box with Steam versions of said software was distributed by CD Projekt (, the publisher for the whole of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia. The only way to activate the games was to insert a CD with a game into the drive. Then, a serial key must have been entered. I did so with Warband since I wanted to play it; I had already played WFaS before. I obtained a Steam key for Warband from an activation key written on the guide. Later my drive went out of order and I could not activate the key for WFaS, even though I wanted to play WFaS at that time.

Here is a similar thread: What to do with a serial key in this format: XX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX? Please, help, because I want to buy the entire franchise and would have enough money for that if I registered WFaS on Steam.
I am curious whether TaleWorlds will be the entity to help, or should I attempt to contact the retailer, CD Projekt? The latter might not help seven years after the purchase.
For a record, MArdA helped me to get a serial key in Steam format. It worked and was activated. The thread can be marked as "Resolved".

Exactly 10 years ago I played WFaS for the first time. Perfect time to return to it!
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