Wrong player count on competetive gamemodes?

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Uh, have you even tried multiplayer?
Unless it's intentional, which makes little sense for both gameplay reasons and the fact that nothing was mentioned and the menu still says 6v6.

Anyways, Captain mode is 1v1 and Skrimish is 3v3.
First time I thought it was a one off bug, but I have played 5 games now and the game doesn't even wait for more players, it just starts. Always 1v1 on Captain. I only tried Skrimish once, then it was 3v3.

BUT, (should maybe post this in suggestions) I still had some fun games in Captain even with 1v1. Maybe you could add a (non competetive) 1v1 gamemode with much larger troop counts, or maybe even similiar to singeplayer custom battle?
Hey, thank you for reaching out to us. This is the intended design to keep our players from waiting long queues while matchmaking. I will move this thread to the suggestions page, as you also guessed this is not a bug. Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
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