Warband Revival Cup

6v6 ladder type tournament to revive the warband native competitive scene #warbandRC

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[WRC] Congratulations and Thank Yous

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A little late but I want to say congratz to Gorgonites and all the other winners.

The whole admin team did a great job and it is was an honour to be part of this team.
Thanks to everyone who took part.

thanks for the tournament, big shoutout to malta and oida for their performances especially in the elimination stage. congratz to my teammates and all the winners, thanks to the admins and streamers for their work.
one thing to say about the next tournaments would be to keep it short, i believe 10 weeks of play is way too much for many of the players and exhausting.
it was good to see some innovation attempts like the map pool and rematch style, even though many people don't think they were good it was an initiation which should be appreciated.

I agree that 10 weeks is too long. From previous years of tournies we pretty much determined that 6-8 weeks (including finals) is the sweet spot. There is a tension between keeping things competitive and keeping as many players as possible involved & engaged.

Isn't it great that we still have community members who are prepared to try out new solutions and put themselves though weeks of work to make these things happen :smile:
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