WPL2 Friendly Criticism Thread

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Hi guys this is a thread for people to productively criticize other players performance. This way we can build upon this and become better players and a community as a whole!

Rules: No ad hominem, you must criticize their skills as a player instead.
Kragen said:
Apollo sucks :party:
This is really great, if you could provide a little more detail Apollo can really improve as a player!

Great thread so far guys. I think Calamity should work on not dying so he can actually help his team not get 6-0'd on the close map.
I'm saying this in general (even towards myself). Cav players need to be less greedy on kills and learn to bump more for their infantry. While everyone wants to have a nice score, bumping is very underused and can easily determine matches.
If people could refrain from personal attacks and naughty words that would be great. This thread is PG13
Ruthven said:
Taking bets on how many pages until this thread turns to **** and gets locked by Alene

Why would Alene lock this new Warbants Friendly Criticism thread?
do you know alene's sleep time? you should probably lock it yourself when he is awake and unlock it when he sleeps again
Being a community is boring. I think we should become a school system instead. How about we all install Securly just to make sure we are as sheltered from mean internet people as we can be.

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