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TBH I dont like it, its confusing and gody.

EDIT: Its actually unbearable, Its just so hard to read. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the other one, it was clean and simple. Very easy to read and see the stuff.
Like it just feels overdone and overcomplicated for no reason. Ive made my point in the earlier post but that is what I mean by gody
I did a pretty close bet on IRvsGP, how did I get nothing at all or so few? :O

By my calcs, I should have doubled my point darn.
Sjaeles said:
almost everyone bet on gp...

4902*0.95*(2700/7682) = 1637

Almost everyone bet on IR. Only me, surkan and watly bet on GP.

Like, I am betting all my money here and I get so little. Doesn't make sense at all.
Only Kragen, Kane, Hopkin and myself did bet for IR this week. Which makes it a 4/3 ratio only, hence why you don't earn that much money at the end of the day.
Week 6 tickets!

Match: Rynwulf vs. FFoHW
Amount of Bet:

Match: Random Force vs. Geese Packs
Amount of Bet:

(Didn't do OE vs. wK cause we already had bets on that match, and while the match will probably be a good one. I'd like to include some other teams in the bets)
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