Resolved Wounded and prisoners intermittently showing.

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Sometimes after a battle, parties start displaying with wounded and prisoner stats the way it was in Warband. Eg instead of showing as 100, it would show 100+6w+23p. This happens to all parties, not just mine. Then next time I interact with something it goes back to normal.

Edit: has happened at least since 1.0.8.
It's not happening only when I hold alt. It switches to that randomly after battles, then stays like that (not pressing alt) until I interact with a town or other party.
I believe it displays if they are parties you have recently interacted with, or if you are close enough to 'see' what they consist of. Out of curiosity, what is your Scouting at? What about companions in your party? I am wondering if it has to do with the Investigator and Farsighted perks.
Practically brand new character with low stats, no companions.

Maybe I'm not explaining it properly.

I go into a battle, and it's not displaying those on the map when I enter the battle.

Battle finishes, it's displaying those stats for every party, even looters and bandits. Not every battle, happens randomly.

It continues displaying them for every party until I interact with one of them, or a settlement.

Then it stops and goes back to normal.
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