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Tbf I would give comp battle a try in bannerlord, and I think some people who are still on warband too. Skirmish is extremely unappealing to me, both to play and watch. Thing is battle is currently limited because of the class system, which brings us back to the same old story... Would have been much easier if Taleworlds actually asked people for their opinion before forcing skirmish on us.


Competitive Skirmish in Bannerlord is far less interesting to watch than Competitive Battle from Warband.
Fewers maps, fewer players on a team mean the fights feel fairly predetermined from the outset, with strategy being pretty standardized across the board.

Faction matchups don't really cause much variation in tactic changes, some factions which do prompt composition changes are usually in response to an overwhelming weakness from one class in that faction, which simply causes that faction to lose (most of the time).

It's frustrating to watch a top-down camera angle as it feels like the players have no cav awareness (which is still limited by the sound bug).

Fights begin quickly and end quickly and it becomes uninteresting to watch the spawn cycles of one side being wiped then coming back/wiping enemy team/repeat. There is no tension akin to how a one-life mode appears to a viewer.

Flags are an annoyance to both the players and the viewer. Flags are intended to force fights, but ironically if they are played as a strategy it incentivizes cavalry players to avoid action (and therefore the inf players not to take a fight), and the game becomes a cat and mouse of two teams making a circuit around the map running away from each other.

Spawns are also so random on some maps they cause games to be won or lost depending on spawn proximity to the fights, which would surely be confusing and frustrating to a viewer.


I would only watch it just to see Europe players trying to kick me for my 300 ping lmao #GiveSaServers


Hopefully when spectator mode comes out someone is willing to just commentate battle/skirm/captain games and put it on a channel. Sometimes the commentators make the game look more interesting than it actually is lol
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