Would like option to disable Kingdom colours

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I have put a lot of effort into my banners and want them to be shown off in the multi colour way in which I designed them.
The main issue is the kingdom colour blocks that, the second issue is that because of the kingdom colours it will also show the "blocker" layers used to achieve thin areas etc (so you end up seeing the layers that match the background specifically to be invisible).

Now there is a short term fix, which is to turn a kingdoms primary and secondary colour to 0 in kingdoms.XML, however this also means all the relating UI stuff gets turned black and also the uniform colours dont change *with* the banner. They remain as kingdom. And if you try to disable those you just end up with everyone wearing black.
I want the warband way of colours on things.
There were/are several mods that did this (POC, KCC, banner persistence) but two of those as far as im aware have not been updated for 1.6, and the third while it achieves the banner effect it does not achieve the uniform effect.

Essentially I would like;
1) The ability to disable kingdom colours on banners
2) the ability to disable kingdom colours on uniforms (And go based on banner colours).


Sorry, are you referring to your banner taking the color of the kingdom you join? I mean this makes sense. Once you make your own kingdom then your kingdom colors become that of your banner.
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