Would an American Regiment be possible and if so who would be in command?

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Before people leave comments I will say this right now. I know there were (to my knowledge at least) no American Regiments fighting either for Nappy or the Brits. But might I point out that during the time the war in Europe was being fought, another in the US involving Brittan was being waged. To anyone who knows American history you would know the war was named The War of 1812 which lasted from 1812-1814, but the fighting continued until 1815 when word actually reached North America. Two notable occurrence's would be the Siege of Washington D.C. and the later sacking and raising of D.C. The second was the American victory over England at New Orleans where a rag-tag group of militia, regulars, pirates, and Natives led by General and later President Andrew Jackson defeated a veteran army of Englishman and turned back English encroachment on North America until today. So with all that out of the way, is an American Regiment possible, which country would it fall under, who would command it, and what would be its name.
The Canadians are harboring weapons of mass destruction.LET THE INVASION BEGIN!!
I believe, that there is "the 60th american rifles". Atleast that's a regiment being for formed for the brits, in the regiment sub forum :smile:
There's a pretty nice docu on youtube about this war. Pretty freaking interesting.
Their anthem happened to be made during this war and brits failed their massive all out charge against a bunch of minute men..
The President at the time James Madison, his wife saved a portrait of George Washington by pulling it out of the frame and rolling it up and putting it in her skirt. Ive seen that painting in the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Also I hate our national anthem its a god damn poem, something more like Stars and Stripes Forever would be more appropriate.
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