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Worth the Price Tag?

Is Bannerlord worth essentially paying the price for a new AAA game?

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Excellent value for money. During this lockdown I have managed 150 hours which is about a years worth of gaming for me normally. For the price of a cheap Curry, it's a no brainer.


Yeah it is a steal. Taking money for a game that cannot start and crashes before main menu. :rolleyes:

I've played since closed beta. Game never crashes basically. I've tried the odd mod that made it unstable, but in general, no crashes for me.
The game loads very quick both on boot up and all through the various menus and in-game activities. However, I believe I have adequate hardware.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16gb RAM, 8gb videocard (Radeon RX 590 Sapphire Nitro+) and a SSD. Runs butter smooth except the start of 1000 men sieges on highest settings. Otherwise, butter smooth 99% of the time.


Think the questions you should be asking are:

Is it worth it now?


Will it be worth it?

Time will tell on the latter but if you have any thoughs on buying it now or in the future whats the difference in buying it now or then? If money is the issue then wait for a sale.

For me there are bugs for sure, but I have yet to have it crash on me. So I am happy to pay the money to support the development of the game I hope will be everything I want in the future. If not I still got some entertainment for the money I paid.


Absoloutly if you are fan of Taleworlds, and you wish to support developers.

I already have 24 hours in the game. Yes the game has bugs but its playable and devs are working hard on fixing them.

And soon you realize you have reached the end of content.
There's little beyond the early game.
The game is barren of any real content at this point.
Definitely not worth it at this time, but the potential is there.

Wait a year or two, because I don't see it nearing completion any time soon.


While I reached my goal of "50 cent/hour", I still wish I hadn't been peer-pressured into buying on release because ultimately, I'm not sure whether it's hardly more or even slightly less than warband with nice graphics.
I do believe that we'll get a great game one day but personally, I low-key wish I hadn't bought it just yet. Though, as I said on my negative steam review, I'll probably change it to a positive recommendation in a couple of months. Or at least I hope so.
I purchased it for 38.00. I've played over 300 hours. It is a great game and if you are a fan of M&B Warband I think you will love it.

if the EA functionality doesn't meet your needs, there is a very active mod community.

Well worth the price tag imo.
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