World of Warships

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hirovard said:
World of warships, Russian tier 10 prem ship  :lol:



Also submarines confirmed

Cruisers were to come out sometime in October, I think, though they may be delayed somewhat, because it turns out their initial idea of making them work...didn't.

So, yeah, Soon™ is your best bet right now.
New York Port Best Port, Commie.

Currently am trying to get the one that needs 40,000 damage. Tier 7 ship with free 6 point anime waifu captain? Sure.

And yet again, furs get nothing in video games


Yes, that was a joke
Is prioritizing/basing my (German) battleships around secondaries a good idea?

I've been researching and playing the German line due to them having **** tons of secondary guns and also pretty good ones.

They can kill destroyers by themselves often enough and can do a decent enough job of setting fires against cruisers and battleships. They're not terrible but prioritizing them is tricky.
As soon as you get the awesome t5 captain skill that allows manual targeting for secondaries with -80% dispersion German secondaries become beast. The Bismarck's secondaries open up at 10km range. I've been sunk by a Bismarck in my North Carolina just because his secondaries maintained three fires on my non-stop at 9km range while we exchanged AP volleys with mine being marginally more effective.
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