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World Map Movement.

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As a suggestion on moving around the world map to a distant city or location; currently the basic way of doing this is zooming out and selecting the location and the party makes its way. This sometimes causes problems (more so in early game or war) where your party begins to move to the selected location and before the camera can re-center on the world map party marker you are engaged and forced into a combat situation.

This could be improved with a simple change of the party marker not moving until it is re-centered on in the world map. This while maybe a small loss of travel time would allow you to avoid being attacked on the map without being able to dodge.

This may seem small to some but it has happened a bunch of times where I am trying to stay small as a party, and even with a decent scout still have been needlessly caught by groups that probably could have been avoided if I was able to actively navigate during those few seconds of traveling.
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