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workshops on strike?

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So I opened a new save under 1.2, and apparently this time after buying a workshop, there is no new product being made, and of course no profits whatsoever. Its says that the last time the workshop opened was 3 days ago. apparently their "capital" is less than 10k now-about 9.8k. I wonder whether that is what caused this.


That is same as in version 1.0.0
Had a workshop there with "last opened 9 days ago". I assume they need the raw materials in city first before starting to work.


It seems to depend on the supply/demand situation. If the raw materials are too expensive or the price of the end product drops, the production might not be viable anymore, so the workshop closes. When the price goes up, the workshop can reopen, but I found it is better to cut your losses and open another shop.

Besides of selecting the right shop in a given city, you can also support your shop via trading. If you buy the end product and bring cheap raw materials to the city it helps to maintain decent profit from the operarions.
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