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@SadShogun I know your working on them right now and it occurred to me that I have information I've acquired that could play a big role while your working it out. I have been doing workshop and caravan videos since 1.5.7, that is almost 18 months ago so I have noticed all the changes that have been made and think I hold information that could be vital to your fixes.
For workshops
---Wool Weavery- Good (no action needed)
---Brewery- The price drops rapidly, while they are decent. I have noticed some goods prices drop and rise fast and some slower, Beer is faster so when you have a brewery and beer is produced the price drops so fast that profit goes really low, really fast.
---Tannery- I think a change was made to increase hide production, someone in town might cut up cows, sheep and hogs. There are so many hides that tanneries just aren't producing the lucrative goods(This is I am not 100% sure of) but tanneries are total trash
---Winery- This one is easy, with wine being taken away as a consumable, wine is not hardly being used and it is so cheap that wineries make virtually no money, my suggestion. Make them consumable but moderately increase the shop production, that will produce more so the price doesn't sky rocket like last time and it will also help with more food for armies and towns so they aren't starving as easily.
---Oilive Press-100% Exact same as winery, do the same
---Wood- they seem to be ok at times and terrible at others, not sure if its what they produce per culture since things like steppe war bows only are made in Khuzait land, but they are ok but do need a small adjustment somewhere in the code
---Linen Weavery- These are weird as the price of linen is cheap and they do have issues making money, I am not sure a change needs to be made but your adjustments might fix it
---Velvet weavery- These also are good at times and terrible at others, I do think an adjustment is made but think should wait till after you adjustments are in place
---Pottery- Again same situation, ok at times, probably a little better than others, no adjustment needed.
---Silversmith- good no adjustment needed
---Smithy- This is in terrible shape for 1 main reason, iron ore. First the amount produced at villages is super low, and a decent amount is used in the shop so there is huge deamnd but ver little supply.. Issue #2 is that the price or ore is so cheap that caravans snatch it all up. That means most smithys go idle all the time not having ore, even in places like Epicrotea that have 2 villages supplying it iron ore can't keep up. This needs to be addressed badly!!!!!!
That is it for shops, except shops levels would be nice
As for caravans, while I await your changes so I can test before major changes might be suggested, I am still very adamant that the trade skill needs to play a much bigger role in their profit. If you Invest 4 or 5 valuable focus points to get 200 trade or more than getting 10%-15% more profit is never worth it. If they are making 400 a day, why invest 4 or 5 focus points to make 40-60 a day more profit.. Trade needs to me a much bigger role in profits hands down.
I know our are working on the fixes now, but mainly for the workshops, as I have been monitoring them for 18 months on every patch, I have videos on my channel for each one still, I have seen what I believe the issues with each are and hope you can take my information and help adapt to your fixes so more issues arise later since you didn't have this knowledge ahead of it.(smithy, winery and olive press are the worst).
1 last issues, I have been suggesting for 10 months now that Sturgia needs help bad and no one acknowledges it. They have way to many fur villages which arent doing anything to help them. Most of their shops are trash and I have the data to prove it. It's been almost a year of me asking for Sturgia to get some love and no one listens. You guys have altered villages before, take a couple fur shops away and give them some help for items needed to workshops. Just check their consumables villages, they have the lowest of all kingdoms and it show from their shops and food storage.
I know this is long but wanted to get this info to ya so you might see what I have been seeing for 18 months and it might help solve some issues quicker. As I keep saying if you need information just ask. I have a wealth of knowledge in these areas and more than happy to share even though no one ever asks for it.
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