Native OSP 3D Art Wood Gatehouse, Siege Tower Download!!

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Lord Jaden

Sure i make a wooden keep, and i guess i could work for the constantinople mod, i can give you models and textures but you would have to do everything else. :grin:


Well this sucks, the files linked above either don't exist on the Rapidshare server anymore, or have been deleted by it altogether. Does anyone have the entire set, and can they put it up for download please.


oguzcan said:
Can I use this progs at  my mod :?:

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In other words, Lord Jaden (the author) hasn't been here in quite some time. You might PM him about it (if he has e-mail notification, that would let him know), but you should be fine using it if he doesn't respond to that saying "no".

Lord Jaden

no way guys, im still here ive been on the forums daily its just i never have logged in...yea take whatever you want, just give me credit and theres a download at the repository!

:oops: :grin: :oops:

Lord Jaden

hehe, yea i guess is was surprising, in fact i really have been on the forums quite a bit i was just never logged in. Besides school started and my time started dwindling and so forth. I am back for now because i have a free time lapse in school work and i am willing to help out a lot of different mod teams through scene prop and castle structure items. I have a large library right now and it is constantly growing!




Lord Jaden said:
hey i was doing a project for school which consisted of putting together a castle, i chose to do that and a little bit more. I made (what i considered) a good wooden gatehouse. now i used to like that modding thing, but then it just got when over my head after school picked up, so i was wondering if i wanted to put this in how exactly i could, or if someone else wants my siege tower or gatehouse, they can have it. (i have skins, and everything else to)

My first post... Yay!  :grin:

Ok... Loved the visuals. I've had the full version of M&B for something like 4 months now, and have never participated in the forums as I've been too busy playing the damn game. Addictive as hell, I must say.

Anyway, the visuals on these two are awesome... I'd love to try a mod that shows more of his work.

What mods currently use models made by Lord Jaden?
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