Antiquity OSP 2D Art Woad Skins 1.0

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OSP WOAD SKINS by Kolba version 1.0

This pack includes 12 woad skins textures + brf.

- 5 Celtic skins by Comissar (celtbody1-celtbody5) + LODs.
- 2 German skins by Comissar (germanbody1-germanbody2) + LODs.
- 1 Celtic skin by me (celtbody6).
- 4 variations by me (variation1-variaton4)

I also added module_ini (with loading resource line) for faster adding items.

If you want to use this pack in your mod - no permission needed, but a credit would be nice.

Please report any bugs in Taleworlds forum thread.

Thanks for downloading,




Faces would be nice, I agree.

Anyways, I love these so much I think I'll put them in Roots of Yggdrasil.


I will give a much more accurate historical side to some rebelds or looters*?* in few Mods. Good work!  :wink:

- Z


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I downloaded the files and was wondering if it is possible to use these somehow these as the skin graphic under the armor. 

Am I supposed to create an armor tuple with these textures as the mesh and just assign the skin as an item to each troop? 

That seems to be the only way it will work.  While it looks good on troops, it seems there is no way to make it happen on yourself (without wearing the item which does not make any sence).  It would be nice to be able to take off your armor and sport your war paint. 

Has anyone got this to work without being buggy.  It may be a separate issue, but as soon as I introduced these into the game, I started getting crashes. 

It seems you would have to add a new race to be able to add new skins (i.e. male, female, war paint male, war paint female, etc.). 




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Hey, just a heads up - I am planning to use this in my mod. I think it will add a REALLY nice touch to the Pict faction, many of whom go shirtless in the mod, and they are a people who supposedly tattooed themselves. So thanks!


Arch3r was going to use those some time ago, wasn't he? Or are those new ones? I mean, is it a different pack than the old one, or is it the same one? I haven't had the chance to take a look at those before...

Either way, good work.  :smile:


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Hey, this is how it turned out ... these guys are totally badass now =) Thanks!



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Oh, that's just a small section of troops. The vast majority use spears, some elites use large swords, and a few use axes or swords with shields. The ranged is a mix of bows, slings (rocks) and crossbows (many of which would have been scavenged or left from the Romans).


p.s. Sorry to take it off topic  :razz:
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