[WMT 2] Congratulations, Credits and Closing Thoughts

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CIIGES of the low lands

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Scar said:
Thank you to everyone involved, especially the admin team who did a great job running arguably one of the smoothest tournaments ever. :smile:
Although I only played 1 match, I can't agree more with this.

BTW, in the streamer thing: Cigges = Ciiges :sad:


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Very sweet post, a shout out from me to each player, team and streamer that has contributed to help run this tournament, and of course to all the referees and administration. I hope I individually helped to make WMT at least a bit better than the previous edition. I'll see you all on the battlegrounds!


Thanks to admin crew, AE, Castellans and all participants. It was fun to play in such good and vell organized tournament.
Also special shout-out to all streamers, especially Greed for so many good words :smile:

For PE guys and Blue - You all are the best:


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thank you so much for providing us with the stats Yami, I could see and follow my progress throughout the tournament, thank you for it  :wink: :wink:


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Aw anything to help my fwends! :wink: Next time, if you actually play a match, it might come even more useful! :grin:
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