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[WLL] Warband Ladder League

WLL is an 8v8 Warband Tournament set in the year 2022.

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[WLL] Play of the Tournament Submission Thread

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Play of the Tournament
Please post your clips you wish to submit for the play of the tournament below. There is a €25 prize for winning and submissions will close at the end of the penultimate week of the tournament.

  • You must be using your clan tags and signed up name.
  • The clip must be in either an official match or a scrim vs another tournament team.
  • Admins will select 5 clips which will then be put up for a poll by the community to decide which is best of the 5.
  • Anything within a single round can be a single clip.
  • This is extremely subjective and the judging process won't have a 2,500 word methodology behind it.
  • If anything seen as against the spirit of this fun little side prize is seen by the admins, we reserve the right to disqualify people.


Mention if it was during an official in description or video title and that will weigh in favour of your clip, similar to how we will judge who is popping off and who they're popping off against.

Again this is just a fun thing I thought would be fun, it won't be perfect and I hope a lot of forum drama will come of it.


Knight at Arms
I guess here's my submission, 5 kill clip during official against FreeThinkers in veri important round!!1 with live reaction durink stream!!!1



Unless a large amount of submissions are suddenly posted, this will be cancelled and defaulted to the one person who submitted a clip.


Its not that good for best pov thats why i didnt want to post but after seeing there is only one,here is my pov

3xKill = First kill(Couch),Jump+hit kill,Killing archer after 3 hit
Teamplay = Delaying them after first kill,couching one of their hose and hittin cav players two or three times.



I actually had some interesting moments but they were not against strong teams so I didn't bother clipping and posting them.


Grandmaster Knight
guess I'll put this here as well then, 2 for 1;
despair winning a 1v3, messius & iron guard winning a... 2v4? (or: iron guard winning a 1v1 :^) )

still lost 12 - 3 lol
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