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[WLL] Warband Ladder League

WLL is an 8v8 Warband Tournament set in the year 2022.

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[WLL] Announcements

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Important announcements and information regarding the tournament will be made in this thread.​


Ladder Stage Format Ruleset
Below is the ruleset for the initial 5 week ladder stage of the tournament, please read as this is rather different and hasn't been done since I believe an earlier WNL.​

Tournament Format

(1) The tournament will be split into a 5 week ladder format which will dictate placements in a 3 week playoff to decide the overall champion of the Warband Ladder League. Further details on each stage are outlined below.

Ladder Stage Format

(1) At 18:00 BST on the Tuesday of each tournament week there will be a pick night in which a team representative will pick their opponent for that week. This will take place in a single discord text channel to ensure it is a transparent process. Picking order will be from the bottom of the ladder to the top. If a team doesn't pick a team within 5 minutes of being requested then they will be skipped. The week 1 picking order will be seeded by the tournament administrators.
(2) A win awards the winning team 3 points while a draw awards 1 point to each team. The losing team will receive no points.
(3) In the case of teams sharing the same number of points, their head to head score will decide their ladder position. If they haven't played each other yet then round difference shall dictate their ladder position
(4) A team's position at the end of the 5 week ladder period will decide which playoff they will play in.

Playoff Stage Format

(1) To be added. This will be altered later to ensure it will fit the number of teams which have signed up to the tournament. It will be standard knockout format.

We are very open to suggestions and constructive criticism around this ladder format to see how we can improve it for the enjoyment of the entire community. If you have any please post them on the discussion & suggestion thread.​


1 Day Sign-up Extension

The signup deadline will be extended to tomorrow 22:00 BST, 11/04/2022 as it will allow for some more last minute teams to form, as the tournament weeks will start on Tuesdays to allow for officials to be played on Mondays anyway, it wont delay anything.

Week 1 Pick Night

WLL Week 1 Pick Night will be Tuesday at 19:00 BST, 12/04/2022. Captains will be asked to select their opponent when asked using the #picking-text-channel in the WLL Discord. It has also been changed to a 2 minute timer so other people aren't waiting too long. RonnyJonny will be hosting the first pick night.

Week 1 Maps + Factions

Also while I'm getting the stuff for the nice Map/faction pictures, I'll just let you know here that the Week 1 maps will be Beairteas v2 (Sarranids + Swadia) and Castellum (Rhodoks + Sarranids). A thread for each week will be posted once I get the pretty pictures.


Sign-ups Closed
The sign-up period has ended leaving us with a grand total of 20 teams. These teams have been loosely seeded by the admin team for the initial picking night which will be hosted by RonnyJonny using the WLL Discord on Tuesday 12/04/2022 at 19:00 BST.​
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