[WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

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31.1.2020 - 2.2.2020

Tie-Breaker map


-.02.2020 - -:- | Referee: TBA


Grand Final



-.02.2020 - -:- | Referee: TBA


Bronze Match


Cinere Inexplicitus

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Fenox vs Conquistadores
Date & Time: Sunday 10PM GMT-3
Team A BAN Field by the River
Team B BAN San'di'boush
Team A BAN Ruins
Team B BAN Fort of Honour
Team B PICK Castellum
Team A PICK Legacy Town
No estoy seguro de estar, sí otro ref se puede presentar, joya.

Añado otra cosa, máximo de 2 casters por streamer, para que no se genere quilombo como ayer.
how you guys can play with such a blatant hacker is beyond me. nobody will take you guys seriously if you continue to ignore his cheating

ggs to the rest of you guys
Fenox 18 vs 15 Conquistadores



Well played to both teams, overall and leaving outside the toxicity between some players, a great and tense match to watch, thank you all for participating and congratulations to @Fenox? for winning the first Warband Latin American cup.


its really insulting to your own scene when you continue to ignore blatant cheaters and label calling him out as "toxicity". please use common sense and review his gameplay. it is 100% obvious. you diminish any integrity your scene has by ignoring it
masenko is blatant cheater, sorry. nobody in the SA scene cares because you wanna say you won versus a legit team. honestly some of you guys are good but playing with a hacker eliminates any respect i would have for you

heres 1 clip so far:
We don't take action because he simply isn't cheating, I've known Masenko for years on the community (Around 8-10 years). We would take stuff like this seriously if he was cheating for sure, or even if you could provide evidence of this. To me, you're doing something someone else already did to my team way back.
"i knew him for a long time so he aint cheating" yeah bro maybe if u play with cheaters for years it gets normalized or something lol
its really insulting to your own scene when you continue to ignore blatant cheaters and label calling him out as "toxicity". please use common sense and review his gameplay. it is 100% obvious. you diminish any integrity your scene has by ignoring it

MasenkoO has been around the Argentine competitive community since 2010, he usually records clips and trained the most prominent archers of our community.

That being said, you should have known what playing with ping involved, and if you are not ok with that, you could have simply skipped this tournament.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to play against such great players, and setting up the matches with Cow was nice also, thanks for that too.

At first I thought this was thrash talk to keep ignoring, but knowing that you were serious sadly required a response.

Besides all this, the Argentine community started playing this format of warband less than a year ago, which brought a lot of new and good experiences for all of us.

I think that's all for us at Fenox, looking forward to the bronze match!
hi radamant,

you continuing to enable a cheater in your team diminishes the validity of your scene. i believe that lixtix, pichurin, thorygg are good players but i have 0 respect for them for playing with someone so blatant.

masenko has been around for a while but that doesnt mean he does not cheat. please review this clip:

100% of all EU and NA top archers do not shoot like this. the people who have shot like this have been banned for cheating. there is no precedent for how he plays. his mouse movement and precision are unnatural and indicative of an aim lock. this is all shown by this 1 clip. i will gather more evidence when i have more time, but i found this clip within 2 minutes, any clip of him shooting is suspicious lmao

look at 31:07 to 31:11 . the player he flicks too is OFF HIS SCREEN - it is impossible he could see this cavalry while shooting at that inf. he flicks with accuracy and determination. its BLATANT cheating

look at this clip. observe how he flicks between john, jeffrey, and back to john all with perfect accuracy. within the span of 2 seconds, he flicks between both of them 3 times. his tracking is unnatural; he tracks jeffreys movements, like his jump, all the way up and down and shoots him directly in the center of jeffs chest. a legit archer would shoot where jeff would land, or where jeff will peak at his jump. they would NOT track his movement like that.

plus, his flicks are combined with a smoothness in tracking targets. his ability to go between wild flicks and extremely smooth tracking is indicative of an aimhack, because you CANT flick with low sens and track targets with high sens.

i enjoyed playing in this tournament. however playing against a hacker ruined the experience for me. it is sad that warband is dying as people wont see your scene's potential. but playing with a hacker will make NOBODY respect your scene.

i ask you to rationally to review how masenko plays and look past your biases. i do not quickly accuse cheaters but it is disrespectful to have played against one that flaunts his cheats so blatantly. PLEASE understand why he is suspicious. atleast you can admit that
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wp all :smile:
despite the ping I enjoyed the tourney and enjoyed seeing how quickly many south american players were improving (just compare the results vs the Americans at the start of the tournament and at the end). i didn’t watch the entire match and i don’t know anything about maskeno, but the clip guacc gave is suspicious; the way masenko shifts target looks like aim-locking that I’ve seen from cheaters in EU. however, one clip where someone plays strangely doesn’t mean they are cheating. if masenko has some footage from his perspective i recommend he post that to remove suspicion from himself.
I've shot stuff like that before, I know Aslaug has, I know Nikolai has, I know Jeff has and I know Masenko has done stuff like that before.

It's a common thing to flick off-screen when you hear a cav. Atleast for me, it's an instinct from playing battles or matches with 10v10 12v12 full of cavs.
It's not like he headshotted the cav, then flicked and headshotted the other one in a second. He had some amazing rounds, he had normal rounds and bad rounds where he didn't do much.
If you are serious about this, please provide some more evidence to review.
i posted another clip. sorry, its difficult to find moments where the camera is on masenko and he is shooting. bunny, the cav off-screen should also be difficult to hear from audio. its not like the cav was directly to his side, in that case i would agree it is normal.

you say archers have shot like this but 1) they're all south american 2) YOU provide 0 evidence of them shooting like that 3) NOBODY ELSE SHOOTS LIKE THAT

his mediocre and bad rounds came from when we pushed him in melee and he could not shoot. bunny you must appeal to your reasoning here
Listen I've watched the greatest archers in NA and EU, I've commentated tons of matches and I've played against them. In my entire career I've only ever suspected 2 players in my entire career in NA, but when I watch these South American players though it's beyond blatant.

I don't think it's because of foul play, but I believe you guys have just never seen what a normal archer should look like and see permanently through these rose tinted glasses of "normal" being the abnormal.

EDIT: I'll add some footage I captured here of LucaZ who I found quite suspicious.

Please forgive me for the insulting title I never intended to bring it up to anyone besides close friends but I see it a fitting time. The "death to hackers" photo is my friend Jeffrey so no offense to any of the south americans.

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