With Fire and Sword 2?

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Golradir said:
Game_Dude51 said:
What also pains me is some mods being very professional and nice like Deluge but they didn't go the path of Mount and Musket --> Napoleonic Wars.
That's a good thing, isn't it?
As lolwarrior said, it depends. It depends from the point of view. If you think it from the modders' point of view, it is a good thing. But, from the players' point of view, it is not good, as a good mod went downhill so fast. But of course, this is a matter of opinion, and it is my opinion that MM > NW. I am waiting for NW fanboys come and flame me.
theyre saying WFAS too coz CARRIBEAN has FIRE AND SWORDS and its by the same company of WITH FIRE AND SWORD  :mrgreen:

i think it wont be THAT successful in modding, but its native will be a BOMB!




...Some news from WFAS2 dev "Alexander Souslov" here:...
Alexander Souslov said:
Hello there,

thanks for your interest in our project guys. As Adorno and Jezze rightly guessed, we are limited with the team size and the budget, so a progress a bit slowly than we would like to have. Anyway, we are really close to the beta and I hope we can come up with the news quite soon.

Nice Video and good work:wink:
But walk while reloading and 10 m lances ....pls not again.... most annoying things in wfas multiplayer -.-
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