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This thread shows the new models that will be used in the mod's next version

TheDrunkenMoron's Work:

Hey, seeing how I seem to contribute a model every 9 months, i've decided to open up my own thread to torment you with bad eye candy! Anyway, i sent these images to highlander and volt., so this thread will probably breach rules and will be deleted within the hour or something. I have the murmillo helmet modelled and unwrapped, so if anyone would be willing to help out, i'll send the wings/obj./blend to you.

I'm at a bit of a block here, so i'm thinking i might do a provoctor galea w/ plumes next. any other ideas?

P.S. (i modelled the jutting out part, and made the mask peice wider, these are slightly old)
Murmillo Helmet:



anyway, i brought in my new heavyweight helmet, the Provoctor helmet. Of all my helmets done, i'd say this one has been my favorate one to do, and it looks the best for anything i've done yet. This sucker of all my helmets, is also the highest polygon one i have ever done, weighing in at 362 Verticies and 376 Faces. To lower the polygon count, one could delete the eye holes i put in, or the nose peice, but thats up to the team to decide, but it's not like you're going to see an army of these charging at you. In a random note, am i the only one that gets reminded of a bug when i look at them.

*the 'feathers' are just squares, put on for show.



Super fun angled shot! (i decided that a top shot is kind of worthless)

-Tb3dmaster- work:




Voutare's work:

I'm busy doing other stuff...

Highlander's work:

(submit your own to get a place in here)
unfortunatly, no, although I pray that these arn't to high poly. On that note, what is the polygon limit for triangulated helmets anyway?


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I'd say around 600, as they will be arena helmets, its not like an arena is going to mess with framerates too much.


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I think you should flatten those square feathers, so the alpha channeling will be easier.
whenever i seem to try and triangulate it, it buggers up for me. I'll send it to you Voutare as a wings file (because then it's also unwrapped) in a few minutes. I understand you said you can't do anything, but you might be able to tinker with it. The triangulated helmet also gave me a 750 poly count  :???:

On modeling news, i made the face mask peice taller so it looks more like the sketches i've found for it.


drunken moron, would be nice if you unwrap them (look at the textures which are already in the mod, there is one which would fit quite good to the models I believe).
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