Will Windows 7 compatibility ever be optimized?

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I bought the game, just to find out that wasn't playable on windows 7.

I could not access the Multiplayer, it always gave me a "Failed to login" message, I searched the problem online and this seems to be an issue with many (if not all) Windows 7 users.

Then I go to the singleplayer and I can't make it past the first tutorial because the game is choppy and laggy, even on low settings, and I have a GTX 960 as video card and can play titles like Vermintide 2 quite smoothly on high details so I guess the problem is that this game is not optimized for Windows 7 even though it appears in the technical requirements that it supports windows 7.

Of course I asked a refund.

But I would like to know, is there any hope this game will be optimized even for paesants like me that still use windows 7?
10 years of waiting just to find out this overpriced reskin mod of warband doesn't run on your system---->Then you wonder why people pirate games.

Last time you see my money, Talewords.
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