Will there be more attribute bonus points in perks?

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With athletics and smithing you can gain extra attribute points for endurance, vigor or control, this isn't so for the other attributes. Having 6 stat points and 5 focus points red caps at 274 so being able to get a bonus point for intelligence, social or cunning can help push over that cap without using a level point. It maybe a bit overpowered but the option is there for the fighting attributes at least.
Or, if you want more combat levels, sacrifice 1 Endurance attribute for a 6th focus point in 1H/2H. Gives 314 cap in your example with 6 attributes. (you must already have 5 normal focus points before you do it)
My suggestion was for a point to be available for the mental attributes in one of the mental attributes skill trees. A social point in tactics or an intelligence point in the trade skill for example, not just for the player but something companions and family members can use.
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