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Armagans statement:



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May I know what the modding issue is?
In summary two points:

1) The modding documentation is rubbish. Okay the game is EA still... so whatever. It needs fixing at some point.
2) Significant parts of the game are unmoddable as they have 'internal' flags over them. There is no reason for these to exist except to stop modders touching those parts of the game.TW *may* have a reason for this - but largely all it does it prevent modders from making overhaul mods. It's a big issue (but hopefully very easily fixed).
I honestly don't think they value their community enough for a statement like that to ever be given. The impression I get is that they see the community as necessary but a pain in the ass.


They should do at least a steam anniversary -30% sale possibly combined with a free weekend for people to try out the game.
It's easy to do, i don't know what their marketing team is thinking... it's easy money.


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Taleworlds corporate spokesmen approaches the mic at the podium: "After much introspection and team evaluation (counting 10 zoom meetings) as well as the tremendous support of our youtube audience we have come to the official determination that The State of The Game is........................... ...... ...... GOOD."
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