will the RGL error be even more common in Warband?

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I love to use the battle sizer when i play my M&B mods.
But sometimes i have to lower the amount of bots because the game keeps crashing at some parts.
does the warband expansion work differently/efficiently? or is it practically the same?
i have a
Intel Core 2Quad CPU @2.40Ghz
2GB RAM sadly
GeForce GTX 260
Microsoft windows XP pro service pack 3
ive also installed the latest .NetFrameWork
i can play the game with 200 bots on the field with all the settings turned to max and i barely any lag
but when i increase the battle size to 300-400 the game sometimes/often crashes giving me the RGL error

so will Warband be worse or better when it comes to adding more bots to the field?
I haven't had RGL errors at single player, but than I played without battlesizer (does that even work for Warband?). The limit in Warband is 100 and never had a crash there even on highest settings with unlimited rag's.
To solve RGL errors using the battle sizer mod normally you just had to stop corpses and stuff being unlimited.

However it still sometimes happened on maps with loads of trees cause they are some resource hungry trees thats for sure.
wanderlust13 said:
well, so far in the warband multiplayer beta, i and countless others have been getting rgl errors pretty regularly

That's just beta issues that will be worked out. Same thing was a problem a little while ago but they fixed it, something else must be causing it now.

I think you people forget you aren't playing a released game sometimes. Though people aren't flipping out this time around, guess we got a bit used to it.
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