Will the devs have enough time to add new features?

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The community has been begging for new diplomacy features and features from Warband but all they have done in the past year was quality of life, UI, with some very very minor gameplay additions. They have another yearish to develop the game, will they actually add anything of note this time? We were promised unique maps for every location but it seems like they haven't even added a single new map!


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Ok, so i understand that you are frustrated with the progress in some areas but perhaps first read the patchnotes before complaining about stuff. I have no exact count but i can remember that we got multiple patches with new maps.(atleast 3 different patches) How i said i have no exact numbers but we got like 18 new battle maps, 20 new villages and a few castles and towns if i remember correctly.


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I believe that time is not a decisive factor here. I would reformulate the question to:

Will the devs have will to add new features? And as "new features" I mean some brand new mechanic/dynamic like dynasties system... because "pRiSoN bReAk" belongs to inherit M&B mechanics...


The short answer: no, they'll run out of time even with self-imposed deadlines. Development is too slow for any number of reasons and no one will be happy ever.
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