Will Servers ever be Stable?

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The first NA Battle Event was held yesterday with about 120 people in attendance. Which was great besides the fact that the server crashed for the first 30 minutes, and locked us out of lobby, forcing us to restart, before any combat had started. Even when we were given an Official TW server to play on we repeatedly crashed. Will servers ever be fixed? TW in the past has said that they don't put as much effort into MP because it has a small player base. But maybe if you would fix the glaring issues, a community could actually form.

I don't understand why Taleworlds gives the bs about the small MP playerbase. It is as if they completely ignored the Warband days when multiple servers were held for events because so many people were showing up. I remember in NW having 3 200 man servers running at the same time so that everyone could play!
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