Will FailWorlds ever apologize and explain what happened?

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Look at these walls of social anthroplogical texts and the doomers behind them. Go touch some Bannerlord, it will do you good.
Look at these walls of social anthroplogical texts and the doomers behind them. Go touch some Bannerlord, it will do you good.
already doing that, I won't indulge into political debates in the wrong place :lol:
I simply laid down what I know and my views (which's already wrong if I were to actually enter a debate I'd have to filter out my personal opinions)

@Bugger off me lawn - I was using figurative speech, I do understand your view and don't disagree, I was just narrowing down a specific idea as a foundational thought line, not denying variation.

@Sundeki - there's one of the fundamental mistakes, you must trust the specialist first, ask questions later. If you do the reverse that means you're already rejecting what comes from them, and as such you end up back-handed and wrong most of the time. If we were the place statistics over frequency where a specialist's wrong or right, the ratio speaks for itself. It's much less frequent those being wrong than the other way around, as such, coming with a pre-built bias makes you question things that don't even make sense. There's where respect comes into play, which's, again, another contemporary trait that's broken.

Now I think I have no more explaining to do, you can try to verify what I laid as info, I'm 100% that the data shared is accurate, as for my opinion I strongly believe that ppl will end up agreeing overtime, so I don't find a need to explain myself nor am I concerned if someone disagrees
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You should never apologize or explain when accused of doing something wrong. 🤡 💊 🤡 💊 🤡 💊 🤡 💊 🤡
Based and clownpilled.
The frustration is not really because the game is bad but because It has the potential to be nearly perfect.
It had the potential to have as many functioning features as a literal garage game released in 2008, let alone the DLC for that game made by literal modders in 2010 and released in 2016.

The problem with reviews is:
  1. People comparing it to games other than Warband
  2. The Steam reviewing system assigns the same weight to EA newb with 10 hours playtime saying "TOP GAME!" as a 500-hr detailed takedown by a veteran player
Smart game purchasers filter for negative reviews to see how compelling they are, so they do have an impact. But it is annoying nonetheless.
I think acknowledging mistakes and admitting their were problems is a good first step to rebuilding their reputation - rather than pretending everything is great.
This. At this point the community is toxic with mistrust and grievance. Negative word of mouth is a cancer that will hurt TW long after BL itself is forgotten.
Woolly-headed direction and lack of focused leadership would be my guess.
"That's the kind of woolly-headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten."

There were rumours Armagan had disagreements with a developer who was in charge of much of the roleplay stuff around 2016. As a result he left the company and his content was axed.
A reddit post of commented-out content shows that a lot of spicy political stuff ended up on the cutting-room floor. Sexism and slavery and political intrigue all got yeeted. I figured it was apprehension about US wokeness in light of the hate campaign against Kingdom Come, but I wouldn't be surprised if this pissed off people internally.
Just remember to consume product no matter what. The product is always right. The product is always good.
The Internet used to be the Wild West where everything wasn't curated to maximize the lubrication on the money chute. Ratings for products could be mostly trusted because corporations hadn't had time to rig the system.

Today? Amazon spends a billion dollars on an IP, screw it up, and then blatantly delete tens of thousands of 1-star reviews. Nobody in the mainstream press bats an eye... because the system is designed to maximize consumption, regardless of the truth. The fact that everyone loses faith in the system is irrelevant, as long as the Wild West doesn't exist anymore so there's no alternative.
"Specialization" isn't what it used to be, though. Part of the problem lies there. Specifically, if you look at the sciences; the current scientific community has a catastrophic problem with replicating and verifying the results of other studies, with half of scientists surveyed here saying that they couldn't even replicate their own results.
And this is a perfect example. Anyone with basic logic skills looking at the history of pharmaceutical development over the past 50 years will conclude that there's something deeply wrong with the way our society produces and markets drugs.

Without even needing to get into more contentious stuff like factory farming and the decimation of nutrition in almost everything we eat, there are ample examples of extremely profitable drugs that are later found to do basically nothing or actively harm people who take it. Vioxx was prescribed to 80 million people before news broke that it was linked to massive increase in heart attack risk.

Why? Academia, regulators and media were all sleeping on the job. They all - funny enough - derive an insane amount of revenue from Pharma. The entire system is geared towards:


already doing that, I won't indulge into political debates in the wrong place :lol:

Still a better love story than 99% of your posts.
Maybe TW can fund further content releases by selling @Lucius Confucius Gamer Dev Bathwater.
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