Will changing the game version to beta 1.0.3 prevent the Update?

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I'm in the official 1.0.3 version of the game, and I'm enjoying the gameplay with lots of mods, I don't want another surprise update who will spoil it and made me wait for all my mods updates. As I don't see nothing in Steam like, "Stop automatic updates", I change the game version to Beta1.0.3, it will prevent the Update?
TW can and will still update the live version (currently 1.0.3, whether you picked it under Betas or had None for your beta) still. It's generally safer to stay a version or two behind the current Live version (1.0.2, 1.0.1, etc) if you're modding. Though other than that thing where Newtonsoft.Json had to be updated, I dunno why TW would update the current Live (if a Beta exists), just that they do.
Some -snip- from TW is pushing patches from live test into multiple versions of the game constantly, this includes both "obsolete" old ones and current live versions. No official patch notes ofcourse. Full early access mode is on.
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1.0.2 should be safe to use in this case.
No, it's not safe, if someone uses ButterLib 2.6.1 and any dependent mods (like Diplomacy, MCM, Dismemberment Plus).
1.0.2 was also silently updated to (which was pushed parallel with ghost), which broke the older ButterLib too.
Ok, doesn´t make much sense to ghost patch those older versions but maybe 1.0.1 is fine then? :grin:
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