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Chinta Kari

Hi folks,

I humbly present you this minor mod with which I have been fiddling around for half a year or so.

It all started by modifying small aspects of native in order to make it suit better my personal preferences. Then I sort of "released" it in a non-English speaking community and, since it got quite some attention, it soon evolved into a more developed mod, defining to the milimeter the balance and minimalism of it, key points around which the mod was intended.

I now decide to release it here hoping that you might find playing it a pleasant experience (wink).

WILD LANDS! Calradia on fire


The mod is a work in progress.
Due to be a translation back to English, it is possible that some isolated pieces of texts appear in Spanish.
To help in the development, please report and rate.

Current stage of the mod development:
Total conversion of the new dialogs and texts from Spanish into English. In progress!
Readjustment of the sounds. Done!
To extend the bandits' troop trees. In progress!
Re-writing the charcater creation texts to match mod history. In progress!
Re-balance of some native items. Scheduled.
Changing the tournaments' betting system mechanics. Scheduled.
Implementing the surrender of out-numbered enemies. Scheduled.
Implementing the desertion of player troops when out-numbered. Scheduled.
Bringing scout groups into Calradia from the Horde before the day D. Scheduled.
Implementing Black Jack and possibly other gambling in taverns. Need help.
Creation of new quests. Need help.
To enhance the way AI lords train and upgrade their troops. Need help.
To implement a progressive loss of weapon proficency for those weapons not being used in combat, thought as a counterpart to the progressive learning through combat practice.  Scheduled.
To implement a banking system where to deposit, invest and withdraw money.  Scheduled.
To implement the loss of ALL items if the player is defeated by AI lords or bandits (avoidable by surrendering) Scheduled.
Modification of the way the kingdom relations change and its impact in overall relation with lords and fiefs. Scheduled.
Modification of the volunteers recruiting system, making the number of troops killed in your service a factor.  Scheduled.
Enhancement of the impact of sieging on the defenders moral and status once they run out of food.Scheduled.
Implementation of a new weapon stat defining whether the weapon is possible to hide or not (sneaking into towns and new quests).  Scheduled.

:!: Your ideas might come here :!:

Needless to say, any help (with modding, "feedbacking", brainstorming and testing) is much appreciated.

There has been several years of bloody wars between the kingdoms of Calradia. After numerous alliances and treacheries, truces and war declarations, an ever growing dissatisfaction starts to spread among the common folk, resentful with their lords for taking them into neverending and senseless wars, which only lead to death, famines and miseries, and in virtually no improvement into their lives.

At the same time, and far from Calradia, you are riding your horse as fast as it can take you through valleys and mountains, for weeks on a row. Just as in Calradia, in your homeland several kingdoms blinded by greed weakened themselves by fighting one another as back as the memory of men can tell, and all, for merely managing to push their borders a few inches back or forth.

Seriously weakened by the last wars, every faction retreated hermetically to their fiefs and stopped the hostilities at the borders aiming only to recover forces and start it all over again. But then, from unknown places and by unknown ways, a huge black tide came down the far mountain range on the North as an unstoppable river. Countless barbarian clans from far and different lands got their forces united under one iron fist, all and each of them under the merciless leadership of Pax Thartax, a fearful and heartless warrior.

Making use of the mutual distrust of the kingdoms of your homeland (full with rancor for the centuries of war and treachery), they advanced quickly almost without resistence over the region, pillaging, conquering and burning down to wrecks everything they found on their way.

First, under the malevolent smile of the opponent kingdoms, fell the mighty Feitrim Empire whose elite infantry couldn't do anything overflowed by the wild masses of barbarians. Soon afterwards, and almost without a rest, the barbarian horde charged the Kingdom of Belinea, whose heavy cavalry's charge was both known and feared for shaking the very insides of the world. Horror spread the land when news of the massive defeat of the heavy cavalry started circulating.

When the other three kingdoms realized the real dimensions of the threat, it was simply too late. The common folk of the land was scared to the bone and a massive exodus took place, while the lords attempted without success to rally their men under the same banners which led them to no where during the last centuries of wars.

The last resistance of the free people, scattered, without coordination, and skeptical about cooperating with one another, got ran over by the horde one by one, who upon victory, imposed a new total reign of darkness, cruelty and hopelessness...

After several weeks of forced marches, you barely manage to arrive as hungry and as wounded as your mount to this new and strange land, Calradia, ironically blinded in their little skirmishes and unaware of the cruel and reckless threat which moves towards them slow but inexorably. The local nobelty has bursted into laughter when you went to the different courts telling them your story, and they ignored your pledges of establishing an inconditional peace truce among each other in order to save forcesand to fight the heartless invaders.

Humilliated and without having where to go or what to do, you simply drop yourself exhausted under an oak tree without knowing what to do. The dawn appears silently in a new and fresh sky and you watch it thoughtfully. You observe a lonely crow crossing the morning sky while feeling the warmth of the sun beams on your weather-beaten face. You notice the magnifency of the sun, which slow but unstoppably extends itself over the shadows of the night...

Then, suddenly recomforted, you get on your feet in a jump and mount over your loyal horse, feeling that your friends and beloved ones, all those who were left behind or fell fighting the horde, are sending you their energy and are guiding your hand to do what you must do:

To dispossess Calradia of their greedy kings and to establish your own kingdom in a desperate race to unite every man and woman of the Empire under a single banner, yours:

the banner of justice,
of the fearless resistance,
and of Revenge!

Oh, no, can it possibly be?
Yes. Yet another "invading faction" mod.

Basically, this mod is a well balanced and improved version of Native. So, please, keep in mind what this mod it is NOT. You will be playing just an improved version of Native which contains a number of improvements always with a minimalist idea of balance in mind. Working on this line, I tried to leave Native as unmodified as possible in those areas where it was already balanced (so no new items, no red-eyed flying horses, no fancy armors and no bad-ass-kill-it-all weapons here).

I think that overall it enhances the gameplay of the game significantly without making too decissive changes, and honestly, it is a mod I'd recommend playing if you get bored of native but avoid megalomaniac mods that over-do everything overdoable. Just give it a go, and comment on it.

It is a comfortable and user-friendly way to play Native again, adding extra fun to the experience.

--- Kingdom Management---
[compiled from the mod AoM by Highlander]

# If you capture a castle or city without serving any king, you can ground your own kingdom
# Your kingdom will have travelling peasants and merchants, just like any other kingdom.
# As a king, you will be able to accept or decline peace offers.
# Once you have tour kingdom, from "Camp Menu/Take an action", you have access to the Kingdom Management options, which are:
* To recruit lords to serve on your cause. You can have a lord per castle or city you control (up to 20).
* To distribute your fiefs among your vassals.
* To select the Tax Level for your vassals. The higher they are, the higher the revenues but the lower the relationship to the fiefs (and viceversa).

--- Patrols, Bandits, Taverns ---
[compiled from the mod NNY by Geoffrey Ashe]

# By talking to any troop on your party, you can order him to form an independent regiment:
* You can giver orders to the patrol such as follow me, stay here, go to, etc...
* You can give or take troops from your patrols.
* Patrols will join you during combats to help you.
* Troops assigned to an independent regiment will benefit from a 50% rise on their wages.
* Patrols can't take prisoners, but they can rescue and recruit the prisioners your enemies' parties carry when defeated.

# It is possible to try to persuade Mountain and Forest Bandits to join your cause.
* You will use your Persuasion skill to convince them and your Trade skill to negotiate their wages.
# New options talking to Tavern Keepers:
* To buy drinks for your men to raise their moral.
* To recruit men from cities (Manhunters, Refugees, Townmen). They are more numerous than in villages but more expensive.

--- Autoloot ---
[script by fisheye]

# Talking with your companions now you can tell them how they have to pick their equipment:
* Automatic armor upgrading on/off.
* Automatic mount upgrading on/off.
* Configuration of the specific equipment that they must take from battle loot and equip themselves.

--- Gameplay Tweaks ---
[compiled from TheMageLord's post]

# Village Elder and Guild Master available from the village/city menu.
# Increased the impact of the Engineer skill.
# Mills at villages provide an extra +5% to prosperity every two weeks, instead of just once.
# Schools impact on the village relation has been greatly increased.
# Prisoner Brokers pays according to the prisoner level.
# Prisoner Management increases the amount of enemies you can carry as prisoners in +10 per skill level.
# You can access your Inventory during sieges by pressing "I" at any point (it also reloads your arrows/bolts/throwing weapons ammo).
# During the siege skirmishes in the throne hall in castles and cities, a 70% more troops will spawn, creating amazing battles (probably you won't get to play these if you have the Battle Sizer enable).
# Cuttle population distribution algorithm improved, having a more homogeneous overall population.
# The village quests of getting grain/cuttle increases significantly the village population.
# Bet limits in tournaments increased up to 500 denars.
# Merchant caravans arriving at your fiefs increase your tax revenues.
# Reduced to the half the amount of time the food reserves of an enemy sieged fief last, to avoid never-ending sieges.
# Hotkeys enabled during siege menus, making possible to access your Inventory and Party without having to break the siege.
# Increased the chance to capture enemy lords upon defeating them (from 20% to 50%)
# Reduced significantly their chances of escaping from the dungeons.
# Cohesion of the Outlaw Factions. All bandit troops nearby will join forces again you.
# Your relation with the Lords appears now also in its numeric value.
# You collect the taxes from all your fiefs when you visit just any one of them.
# The AI behaves more aggressively in the world map.

# It features a mix-modified version of the various versions of the More Metal and War Cries Sound pack circulating.

# It enables again the battle cries which got disabled in latter versions of the official game (troops shouting now "Bastaaaards!", "I will end with your life!", and such, spicing up the battlefield atmosphere).

# It includes the wonderful Siege pack developed by the Lords&Realms team, which adds more ladders to sieges to dinamize battles in them.

# It has a modified version of the .ini file which adds more blood and makes travelling through the map faster by increasing the overall game speed slightly.

# The manhunter faction got changed to something usable.

The Barbarian Horde
# The Horde has its own troop tree, and it arrives in Calradia after a certain amount of time.
# Pax Thartax, its leader, it is easily recognised in the battlefield due to his golden armor and his deadly fighting.
# Do not underestimate the impact that the Horde will have in Calradia, remember that they laid waste to your homeland....
# The backbone of the Horde's army is its fierce infantry troops. In theory, due to be light infantry, they are vulnerable to range weapons and heavy cavalry, but nevertheless, due to the high numbers in which they travel and to their speed, they can easily stop a cavalry charge or reach the archers line quickly and to surround both horsemen or archers in a brutal melee combat.

Infantry with light armor and extreme mobility. Due to the different background of the many clans forming the Horde, they are equipped with a vast range of weapons and use equally different combat styles, from machetes, sabres, axes, two handed swords, spears, picks, maces and one and two handed hammers, including also the eventual use of short bows, light crossbows and other exotic barbarian weapons....

A very rare ranged troop of elite, without armor but extremely agile and deadly (Amazons).

A scarce but functional light/medium cavalry.

#Additionally, among the ranks of the Horde, there is a tight hierarchy of characters and battlefield personalities.

{To be completed in detail soon}

I, persoanlly, have made in this mod only very minor changes to the work of others, and for this reason, no praise should go my way but theirs.

To name but a few:

The people back there at Clan DLAN for giving me the chance to share my work with such nice Spanish speaking community of m&b.
vonmistont, for gently taking me into the modding world with his inspiring enthusiasm and patience.
Highlander, Geoffrey Ashe, and fisheye, for being generous and altruist pioneers, and for spreading their works for the benefit of the m&b community.
TheMageLord, for being the mentor of oh-so-many-newbies and for opening a gate to the module system for those of us who never thought of modding.
The guys at the Lords&Realms, for distributing altruistically another jewel of the community such as their siege pack.
The guys working with the different sound packs, for hitting pots and stones just to improve our gaming experience.
Of course, all those helpful guys at TW forums who helped this hopeless newbie with her endless questions.

And last but not least, to the Father of the m&b creature not only for creating this wonderful game full of potential, but also for nourishing a community around it, example of collectiveness and cooperation (wink).


This script designed well, hoping to add more drama, the Chinese turn your back, Address: http://bbs.mountblade.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=78597&extra=page% 3D1

Chinta Kari

zzlcc2009 said:
This script designed well, hoping to add more drama, the Chinese turn your back, Address: http://bbs.mountblade.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=78597&extra=page% 3D1

Wow, I can't hardly understand what you say, but I take it as a compliment and I see that you have translated the mod description into Chinese!! That's wonderful, thanks a lot! (I'm moved!) :grin:

[quote author=dobber10]
i think i'll have a go on this, we need more people like you

I am not quite sure what you mean with that, but either way, I appreciate your kind words.


i mean we need more people like you that make good mods with out asking for help off everyone first.

P.S. i hope that you are able to make this even better i like mods that add lots of little bits along with something big i.e. the invasion.

Chinta Kari

dobber10 said:
i mean we need more people like you that make good mods with out asking for help off everyone first.

So you mean people who work hard and like mad in exchance of nothing? Sure, that's what we ALL would need, isn't it? :grin:

P.S. i hope that you are able to make this even better i like mods that add lots of little bits along with something big i.e. the invasion.

I have edited the main thread adding most of the things I have in mind. Needless to say, that any help (with modding, "feedbacking" and testing) is much appreciated.


Chinta Kari said:
dobber10 said:
i mean we need more people like you that make good mods with out asking for help off everyone first.

So you mean people who work hard and like mad in exchance of nothing? Sure, that's what we ALL would need, isn't it? :grin:

P.S. i hope that you are able to make this even better i like mods that add lots of little bits along with something big i.e. the invasion.

I have edited the main thread adding most of the things I have in mind. Needless to say, that any help (with modding, "feedbacking" and testing) is much appreciated.

yes thats what i mean :razz: also i could do feed back and testing (i havent done that before but i think i could) i know nothing about modding though (im trying to learn at the moment.) when i have played a bit more because i havent had the time at the moment.

Chinta Kari

Dark Joyce said:
Chinta Kari said:
Dark Joyce said:
When does the invading faction come?
It is set to a year, but it is possible to modify it quite effortlessly.
Really? How?
Like this:

1. Go to Mount&Blade/modules/Wild Lands/ and open the file "simple_triggers.txt" with the notepad.

2. Take a deep breath and don't let the numbers impress you.

3. Find (edit/find - Ctrl+F in English) this piece of code:

24.000000  17 2272 1 1224979098644774912 2136 3 1224979098644774913 648518346341351590 648518346341351598 31 2 1224979098644774912 365 1 3 936748722493063293 360287970189639875 1224979098644774913 500 3 360287970189639875 11 100000 1 4 936748722493063330 432345564227567636 432345564227567631 1 1 4 936748722493063330 432345564227567636 432345564227567632 1 1 4 936748722493063330 432345564227567636 432345564227567633 1 1 4 936748722493063330 432345564227567636 432345564227567634 1 1 4 936748722493063330 432345564227567636 432345564227567635 1 6 3 1224979098644774914 360287970189639976 360287970189640055 540 3 1224979098644774914 2 2 2147484208 3 1224979098644774914 8 0 2147484208 3 1224979098644774914 10 1 1 3 936748722493063293 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774913 500 3 1224979098644774914 11 40000 3 0
360.000000 3 6 3 1224979098644774912 648518346341351501 648518346341351591 541 3 1224979098644774912 131 1 1 3 936748722493063465 1224979098644774912 5
24.000000  6 6 3 1224979098644774912 360287970189640056 360287970189640075 520 3 1224979098644774913 1224979098644774912 22 2147483678 2 1224979098644774913 50 2133 2 1224979098644774913 50 500 3 1224979098644774912 22 1224979098644774913 3 0

It must be at the end of the file. You can use the numbers I marked in green to locate the specific code. The number in red is the day of arrival.

It can be changed in an ongoing game at any point, with the only restriction that once the Horde arrives there is no turning back. This code, by the way, is probably very similar in any other "invading faction" mod, so you can probably modify it there too. There is no secret hocus pocus.

and 4. Save changes, run the game and voilá.

Do you want to know more...?
Simple_triggers.txt basically cointains certain "stuff" which is intended to be repeated every certain period of time over the game. Example of this can be spawning bandits parties, declaration of peace or war between kingdoms, healing of troops, adding the school bonus to villages or checking the day of the game to see if the horde needs to be spawn.

Most of these things can be very easily modified to match your preferences through the Module System (where things don't look as messy as in the .txt files) even if you don't know anything about python. You just need to identify the line of code where it is defined and to spot the number you want to change (you want more bonus for the school, or you want things to happen more often, or easierly... you name it).

Moreover, it is also possible to modify these things directly at the .txt files of the game without using the Module System, but it is a bit more messy and if you don't get help, it can be tricky to identify the code you are looking for.

The archi-famous TheMageLord thread describes very simply a lot of things that you can change by yourself in this fashion. If you have never done it and you think modding is really too complicated for you, then I recommend you strongly to check it out.


This mod has made a formidable impression among the Spanish community, I recommend it highly. Besides coming from someone who is always ready to help and has worked very hard to create a really challenging mod. Do not miss it!  :grin:


OOOOO seems like a nice mod that doesnt changes EVERYTHING :grin: im basiclly a newbie at moding mab so how do i install this file when ive downloaded it? reply and get cookie :grin:!

Chinta Kari

Hi all,

Thanks for your interest and support!

Sorry that I am not so active lately, but I just moved to a different country and it is quite messy around here. :grin:

Thanks a lot for your support. I'm truly honoured. ^_^

Just unzip the file, and place the folder "Wild Lands" in it, inside of "mount&blade/modules/". Then, before launching the game, select the mod on the drop-down menu at the top right. I hope this helps, let me know otherwise.

I have updated the main post adding a brief description of the Horde and elaborating a bit more in detail the features of the mod.

@Dark Joyce,
Thanks for answering people's questions in my absence. :smile:
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