wich video capturating software you'd recomend?

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Well, I tried fraps, but it only records 30 seconds, so which one you recommend?
Well, It maybe depends are you making a tutorial or a battle movie from mount&blade or something. Fraps is good but as you probably know, you can only capture for 30 seconds with the non-registered version. Game cam is a good one too.. Hypercam maybe? Im not very familier with hypercam though... Camstasia is a good one. Many tutorials what I have seen,  have been captured with camstasia. But for making a battle movie or something. Well, it can be good but I dont know how it works with different games. Maybe better for making tutorials. Example: modding tutorials etc..


I use registered fraps, works well enough for the one time price, but only get it if your planning on making alot of movies


Your FPS drops when you capture footage in any program.

In Fraps, if you are able to handle what you are "capturing", IE: all units on the screen, graphics, effects, etc., without lagging, you should have a solid 15-25 FPS. If you are unable to capture everything on the screen, because of graphics or too many units, your FPS will stutter up and down. If you are getting 5 FPS, you need to check the settings and make sure Fraps is set to 25 FPS. If it is, and you are still getting 5 FPS, you either (in most cases) 1, need to defrag your HD, or 2, need to get a better system/gfx card that can handle it.

Edit: Just to clarify. I run M&B with 150+ FPS, but when capturing in Fraps, you still drop down to 25 FPS (depending on what FPS you selected in the options) which is considered a "smooth" capture as far as fraps is concerned. You really don't need to select any other FPS than 23-30 but if you have trouble capturing, you can always set the FPS to 15. Anything less than 12 FPS in M&B will not look decent at all.
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