Why was I screwed?

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Mini Hamm

So I get so sick of the ransom freeing me in the middle of enemy territory for no version of basically immunity from the enemy kingdom. So that was 28k gold just out the window for one thing. As for the other crappy part of this, I managed with a very strong late character to fight of 30 enemies single handedly but after the battle I STILL GOT CAPTURED? WTF I didn't just waste 10-15 minutes carefully picking apart that enemy army to just get friggin captured again. Especially when I have the ability to win while still injured. I feel like they need to adjust the ability to continue fighting. Like if I haven't been knocked out why am I giving up? Because 10 easy enemies are supposedly not knocked out even though I just didn't deal a lethal blow to them? If I didn't kill them but they were considered knocked out for that fight why were they enough to capture me when I never went down in the first place?!?!?!!?
.....Just wait till you have the escape for free option..... also it was YOU who accepted the ransom offer in the middle of enemy territory
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