Why this game needs to be either a story or a sandbox and not both.

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We have two game modes in Bannerlord, Story & Sandbox. But let's face it, bannerlord is not doing either of them right, because it's trying to do both of them at once. Currently, Sandbox is just a story mode without the main quest line. And story mode is just a sandbox but without the completely fresh randomly generated playthrough.

The story mode should be a more narrow experience, it should be a story told by the game, not the player. The greatest story telling games only give the player a small amount of control of how the story ends, and the choices usually only make a difference to the last few missions/quests in the game. Why do you think that is? because the devs couldn't make more story branches? no. It's because they wanted to tell a great story and in a realistic amount of development time. That's how story driven game should be. This method however would make Bannerlord a game to be played once or twice, perhaps played a third time in 5 years. but then it goes in history.

A sandbox however, should NOT try to tell a story, it should NOT try to be historically accurate at all, it should NOT be the same every play through, and it should NOT have an ending. The world map, and the characters should change from one gameplay to another. This method keeps players playing for a far longer time. When players get bored of the game, they don't uninstall the game till the next big update, they just start a new game and it's a fresh experience for them.

Obviously having both options would be great. But it takes a very long time to get both of them right. I would strongly suggest going with a sandbox game and not try to tell a story. This would keep the loyal player base of the game ever interested. The story could then be released as a DLC.
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