Why my hero doesn't use civilian outfit inside or walking in towns?

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I had same mods in previous game, except one (added "No Fief Elections If You Are King" mod) and my hero used civilian outfit when walking in towns or visiting in taverns or keeps.
Now however, in new game, he always uses his battle outfit.
I wonder what is wrong. Is there a setting somewhere? Hard to believe that mod would have such effect.

EDIT: Remembered now, that I also left out one mod this time, which I had in previous game: "Marry Anyone". But surely that mod didn't enable using civilian outfits.

EDIT2: When in tavern or walking in the town, I go to the inventory interface (I key) and then hit "Done", I swap to civilian outfit! But next time I need to do it again. So, I need to do that every time, if I want to use civilian outfit. Strange bug. Sux.
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