Why is the word Blade censored?

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Please remove the language filter atleast on every word except the N word, we aren't children, atleast allow us to turn it off, thank you. Also just so you feel extra stupid, here's the content warning you put on Steam, half of which would be censored online for some reason.:


The developers describe the content like this:

This game is set in a fictional medieval world where the player assumes the role of an adventurer. The player engages in fights and battles and may kill or dispatch enemies and possibly horses using swords, axes, bows and other melee and ranged weapons. The game shows blood effects and rag-doll integrated death animations. Player can purchase wine and ale, and consume these in taverns. Game text includes moderate crude language such as bastard, piss, etc.
They need to add the option for the player to turn on anf off the profanity filter, tbh I don't like the ******* censorship all over the place
For real though there should just be a whitelist that includes all the classes, commands, and items in the game. This is really really basic stuff. An intern could do it for you.
It's 100 percent a dev that does not know how to write a competent regex pattern. Funny really, if it wasn't so sad.
Yeah please drop the censorship or give players the option. fyi the "meth" in "something" gets filtered.
Damn 1,3 k hours and I didn’t know until today that you can actually drink these. 😳
What's especially weird is after drinking wine in a tavern you have the option to buy a round for all of your men, but it doesn't actually do anything.
Don't worry, you'll be able to do that in M&B 3.

I guess adding a complex feature like a morale bonus would sadly break the whole economy and other systems in the game. Lords wouldn’t have enough time for battles anymore if they could spend their time getting drunk with the boys. So I highly doubt this will happen. But we will probably get 16K ale textures!
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