Why is camp mechanic non existent anymore?

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Just wondering, maybe a dev could answer, why do you guys think it's not here anymore?

I assume because the only things you could do in the Warband camp menu were wait, pick a book to read, recruit prisoners or rename your kingdom.
I personally haven't missed camp feature at all. It wasn't really useful at all, and when the AI doesnt need or care about it any immersion value is thrown out of the window. Unless you are talking about VC camps/forts, which then I'm happy they are gone for they were the final nail in the coffin for castles in that mod.


Who needs camping when you can fight? Also did you know that you could fight? And after all that fighting you deserve a nice well done and rounded fight!


Fast paced action does not need a camp menu. It's on to the next battle to 1 hit a tier 6 soldier.
Search and destroy, sandbox, hardcore, horse only, capture the flag.
Take no prisioners.

I just hope it doesn't turn into paradox games mods where every day a mod is released in (EARLY ALPHA) or (EARLY BETA) and then is never updated again
WHAT IF Northern Empire won WW1?
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It could have been implemented with fatigue, and also with a nice Raid mechanic

Imagine you see an Army that is encampt at the moment (it takes some time to build up and "destroy" the camp like in a siege), you can then try to sneak up on them, your army starts as one while the enemy forces are scattered around their camp.
You have a unique camp with tents around you, could even combine that with the Tactics skill tree that at a certain point you could learn a perk that gives you wooden walls or Pikes around your camp with 2-3 entrances.
Or giving you the opportunity that while your army in a camp stance that you can send out some troops of yours to go hunting for food.
You know... like in the mods... from roughly 10 years ago... that everyone liked...

That way the camps could have been used offensively and defensively, but all of that is just nothing more than a dream. This thread will end up in the endless space of this forum with no developer reply and the camp mechanic will stay in Warband.

All these potential cool mechanics we will probably never see...
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