Why does AI not fight tactical in defending sieges?

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I see this game have exactly the same problem like total war. The ai always fight only on the walls or directly before the gate.
Sieges would be so much harder, if the ai would use the full options for defending a castle or city.

We have Towers, we have second Walls, we have Buildings with bottlenecks and same for the streets.

But yes, total war have exactly the same problem. They always fight directly on the walls (only one unit defend the centrum of the map in total war)
Why is it not possible to teach the ai to use archers on the second wall? This would make sieges sooo much harder. Because archers can shoot from the second wall, while you fight on the first wall. They can shoot on you and you have hard time to defend and fight at same time on the first wall. Same for towers which have a perfect sight on the streets and on the walls from above. They can shoot at everyone which come in the city or castle.
Soldiers with shields and spears can defend bottlenecks, possible ways to the king rooms. And place archer behind the soldiers in shieldwall on bottlenecks. So much things which would be make sieges great and hard.

btw. it would be nice if my units not always know where the ai is and search really in the castle for enemys, instead of making a long noodle in the castle and run to the enemys.

Where is the problem, that this is never possible? Why do we have gigantic cities but fight only on the first walls? Why do we have castles with second walls and towers, but fight only on the first walls and sometimes on the first towers? The only time where i saw soldiers on the second wall is, because new units spawn in the map and place on the second wall, because i was already on the first wall. So it could be possible, they use the seconds wall. But actuall only when they do respawn next to it.

Is it not possible to make important spots for the ai? Things wich get triggered like

• 70% units are enemys on the first wall, only 30% are allies. Ai should now go to second wall and defend it from there.
• Enemys are inside the castle, archers should go now to towers which are in the back of the citiy, to shoot in the streets
• Place 10 units with shield before the tower in shieldwall, to defend the archers on towers.
• When every wall and tower is lost, send every ai unit to the doors/ stairs of the kingsroom and defend here
• .... ( the same behavior when the ai lost a shield and take it from the battle, or there is an empty katapult, the ai use it, this should happend at some point for empty critcal spots)

Why are there no predefined spots in such games? I don't mean this should always happend, this will be boring. It should be more like a only something like a
roll of the dice when one of the trigger is true. And does the dice hit exactly the right number, then the ai goes to the kingsroom.

I hope you understand what i mean.
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