Why do you all hate this game?

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It's not so much that people hate this game, as much as it is that they feel that the game has not met their expectations. This is true in terms of both timeliness and in terms of content / game play.

Modders will not fix the game. They can increase player options, provide alternative balance, add features and vary the worlds and settings for those players who choose to try something different or who have specific interests that the base game doesn't cater for. TW has not been quick, but it has listened to the modding community and is working to improve Bannerlord's singleplayer moddability. Anything modders add will depend on the underlying Taleworlds game engine.

Yes this is the fundamental limitations of the game engine is a big one.

Updating the unit cap to past 2048, better graphics (it will probably be a decade before Mount and Blade 3 goes into Early Access and by then, the graphics will be as outdated as Warband is today), etc, are a big issue.

Maybe something like the ALOT project for Mass Effect might help, especially as PCs become more powerful.
As someone with hundreds of hours in Warband .... isn't this what Bannerlord already is? lol better graphics? Check. Better UI, absolutely. QoL, absolutely.

Diplomacy is the only thing that is arguable there but 3/4 isn't bad.

3/4? Boy. Are you sure we played the same warband?


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As someone with hundreds of hours in Warband .... isn't this what Bannerlord already is? lol better graphics? Check. Better UI, absolutely. QoL, absolutely.

Diplomacy is the only thing that is arguable there but 3/4 isn't bad.
If you have 100's of hours in Warband I'm not sure how you think Bannerlord is just Warband with better graphics and some nice QoL additions and better UI and I'm not going to waste my time trying to discuss it because you're either trolling or you refuse to look objectively at both games.

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Which is ironic given fan pressure for early access years before TW finally provided it. :smile:
The fans, even if they are responsible for pressure to do EA, have been misled by Taleworlds that the devs were inexplicably sitting on a perfectly playable game full of desirable features.
What is "ready enough for early access"?
I don't really know, I'm not attracted to minors or games in alpha state.
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The fans, even if they are responsible for pressure to do EA, have been misled by Taleworlds that the devs were inexplicably sitting on a perfectly playable game full of desirable features.
Nobody is that clueless.
As someone with hundreds of hours in Warband .... isn't this what Bannerlord already is? lol better graphics? Check. Better UI, absolutely. QoL, absolutely.

Diplomacy is the only thing that is arguable there but 3/4 isn't bad.

Sure it is more user friendly than warband inna lot of ways, but the problems run a lot deeper than that.

Even though I don't actually care much about the "missing features" like feasts (which honestly sucked in warband), the problem is that the core gameplay is bad and not fun.

Apocal and five bucks have already summed it up, you spend far too much time in bannerlord doing boring ****e. The sheer scale of the game and the sheer depth of the grinding sucks all the fun out of it. The devs could add a billion stupid gimmick features like ships and feasts and even a sex minigame, but it wouldnt break the fact that the game is anti-fun at its core. There is a very good game weighed down under a mountain of annoying bullcrap.


Bunch of people with nothing to do Put way too much hope in a video game to give their lives meaning and they are disappointed.


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If you enjoy the game, go ahead and enjoy the game. Nobody wants you to stop doing so.

But if you really are interested why people hate the game you must understand its over ten year history:

-Warband set certain expectations on what the game is about, how it functions and what features to expect. (Warband released 2010)

-Developement for Bannerlord started about 2012 and was also announced then on the forum.

-A lot of big mod developement stopped around that time because people thought Bannerlord would release eventually (L-O-L)

-Taleworlds did a lot of developement blogs talking about what features they will implement. Before these devblogs I was quite suspicous wether BL will actually be better than WB but these hit exactly the right mark. I got the feeling Taleworlds knew exactly what their game was about and what players wanted.

-Release of the game was announced in 2016 and 2017 subsequently with videos showing the new siege gameplay on youtube.

-Everybody got hyped. -> no release in sight.

-TW got relatively silent -> players got anoyed by that a lot because nobody knew wether the game was around the corner or still years away.

-TW responded by making devlogs again. Most of which completely banine and useless. At that time early access was completely out of the question even though a lot of players demanded it. (I'm not taking sides here. TW tried to appease the audience and wether early access was a good idea is a completely different topic)

-Fast forward to late 2019: TW announces Bannerlord Early Acces. "The game will have bugs but will be mostly feature complete with all of the features present from Warband just some of the new features like the barter system missing"


-April 2020: EA release of Bannerlord: A lot of basic Warband features missing. Balance of both combat and campaign completely out of whack. Most features promised before EA missing. Siege pathfinding straight up didn't work. Horrible performance and a lot of bugs. (The letter two are to be expected and I will not criticise TW over them)

-General reaction: It's just EA bro, they will fix / add X eventually! (It will take TW two more years to fix the siege pathfinding from this point lol)

-Summer 2020: TW announces end of EA within a year.

-Also around that time conversation between playerbase could be summarized by: "Can whe have X?", "No X is to complex.", "But X was in Warband!", "-". Anyways, it was around that time it became clear to me that the features missing from BL, which were either present in WB or were announced in pre-EA devlogs, weren't missing because TW was slow but because TW couldn't be bothered to implement them (more on that later).

-The f***ing meantime between 2020 - 2022: Not much of substance has been happening in terms of game mechanics and missing features. But we got new sheep models I guess. The modders on the other hand were already going buisy and proofed that the features TW deemed to be "tO cOMplEx" could be implemented by people in their free time within days.

-Spring 2022: Siege AI is actually fixed, some features have been added and a bit of balancing has been done to some aspects of the game.

-about a week ago: In an interview Armagan (the owner of the company and lead developer of previous M&B titles) said that currently there is not much work going into the PC-version of Bannerlord since the game is pretty much finished*, however porting Bannerlord to console proves to be a hard task. *He actually just stated that finishing the game and porting it to console is being done at the moment in parallel. That porting Bannerlord to console makes up most of the workload at the moment is an assumption on my side. However I think it is a sound one.

This proves what a lot of us were already thinking: TW doesn't care about what PC players want. They espacially don't care what Warband veterans want. They already got our money. What they care about is getting the next bunch of cash by releasing the game for console, on which the more nuanced and complex features either prominent in Warband or promised in earlier devlogs wouldn't work well anyways and thus are "too complex".

Adding insult to injury TW never cleared us up about how their vision of the game changed. They never told us which featues they promised we could expect and which not. They never gave us a specific roadmap of whats to come and what not. And they didn't tell us that in fact they are not working on improving the game but instead making a console port while still keeping everything under the veil of "Early Access" so criticism could just be done away with saying: "well, it is still not done yet. It is in Early Access afterall!".

People stuck loyally for over ten years with Taleworlds just to get stripped of money and then stabbed in the back.
You said it all perfectly. Nothing to add!


Part of the hate on these forums is due to all of the promised features which were cut, along with so many of the existing features from Warband which were cut. Meanwhile, game balance is worse (particularly archery and mounted combat), the sense of advancement from bottom of the barrel to top tier is drastically reduced (at least partly restored in the latest patch), and in-game diplomatic interactions went from minimal to a bad idea of a joke. Rather than fix what needed work in Warband, and then expand on it, they scrapped a lot of stuff and broke a lot more.

The general consensus is that the game had the potential to be a step up from an already high bar set by the previous title, and instead we got.....this mess. If it had been something rushed out the door, I could at least understand it as a blatant money-grab, but to take well over a decade with a much larger team and have only this to show for it is.............pathetic.

Meanwhile, I'm still occasionally playing mods for both Warband and original M&B, even though they've gotten more than a bit stale after more than a decade.


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Not gonna read all the arguments so if this is said already forgive me lads.
I'm not against some constructive criticism. But I feel like if I have to make a post to ask why so many people here and elsewhere seem to hate the game so much, I think that criticism probably hasn't been very constructive.
Oh, we did give constructive criticism, there is even half an hour read roadmaps, community suggestions threads, even trying to talking sense to TW to communicate more because it would benefit them the most bla bla. But you see, it didn't work, TW didn't really take interest in making this game a great one, they failed to understand what it would take to achieve that. You maybe enjoying the game right now but all the people you see here "hating" on the game were here for a very long time, not most of them aren't even here anymore because they've given up. So the criticism is now in the form of sarcasm and blant comments the contrary just doesn't work. I mean this youtube channel could talk for itself, this dude makes modes are most of them are wanted features. He and other modding community also asked for more modding support like 1.5 years ago, TW failed to communicate, i guess the support has been delivered recently, not sure, i didn't really follow but it took them a really long time.
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