Why Die For Danzig? Bannerlord Edition

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I'm fairly certain that people simping for TW haven't played Warband.
I have and I like it. Along with Viking conquest and the original mount and blade.

I agree with maelstrom, it has its faults and you need mods to fix current problems. But my first actual battle watching hundreds of npcs slugging it out against one another for the control of the field while me a struggling fighter just trying to survive the fight, and with pretty decent models and graphics against the setting sun was all I needed to be hooked. I like warband, but having to fight wave after wave after wave in battles or sieges while trying to survive and direct fights gets boring, and the older models and clunky ui and menus don't do it for me no more. Plus I never understood how pre battle parts worked. The mods were fun but I taken a fancy to eagle rising with some rome total war music myself. Or a full late medieval run with Swabian Armory. But when 1.6 comes out stable I do want to do another modless run.

Mind you this isn't my first ea game, star citizen, factorio, satisfactory, etc so I do know what the process is like.


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Well this is hardly the response OP was looking for. Is any of that popcorn left?

Let people enjoy things.


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How is someone who is posting their hours in Bannerlord + saying how much they like it and asking forgiveness considered drama?

Where popcorn?
Usually I'm negative and I like trolling, but with all those hours I don't have a chance, I really have to admit that this game was for me the most pleasant surprise in recent years. Of course I would also like some depth, at the level of total war not at the level of Europe Universalis,I also find it strange and annoying that no one, with the exception of Radgos, asks me for anything during the entire game, all interaction with the world has to come from me.
PS:And a annoying companion that dislike my village raids.


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If I had to guess, I would probably say there's a few reasons people may defend the game in it's current state.
  1. Some people just like the game
    • It may be hard to believe, but some people are just happy with game. I think it's fair to assume that the majority of people who fall into this category are generally new to the M&B series.
  2. Sunk Cost Fallacy
    • A lot of people have literally spent close to a decade waiting for Bannerlord - that's a lot of time to invest, and oh boy it can be hard to admit to yourself that you may have wasted that much time waiting for something that might never meet your expectations.
  3. Hope
    • People are hopeful that the game will get better, I think we all fall into this category to some degree - we all want Bannerlord to be the best game it can be.
This is a pretty good summary.

I would add to that people who prefer the action part of M&B to the roleplaying and strategy one.
In terms of action the better graphics, animations and sound do their work. And as Gandamula mentioned the bigger battles.

But I too am curious. Even if you completely ignore what BL is lacking compared to WB (not mentioning promises in devlogs) when playing I cannot ignore the balancing issues, grind and bugs. For that reason alone BL for me is a no no to play.
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