Why Deacon Barry is The Greatest Infantry Ever

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Deacon Barry, a name everyone with half decent knowledge of the history of Calradia should have heard of by now. The following excerpt from my all-encompassing notes on the history of Calradia is going to establish why Deacon Barry, undeniably, is the greatest infantry that has ever graced the battlefields of competitive Warband. If you think otherwise, you are wrong.

After causing havoc alongside his twin brother Cleric Johnson on varius deathmatch servers, Deacon Barry received an invite to a team founded by a wanderer called Anaconda. Like many, Deacon was just getting started and didn't have a clue about the competitive scene. Little did his comrades in Archers of the West know that they would be part in laying the foundations for one of the most spectacular careers in the history of the game. Already in his first match against the Knights of Rossendale, Deacon showcased the sheer unimaginable potential that he and his twin brother would go on to further develope in the years to come. After the team unfortunately fell apart due to outside interference - it was rumored that the best infantrymen of that era were already trying to put Deacon's career on hold - he stuck with the game, because that's what winners do.

It did not take him long to convince the leaders of his next team of his qualities, so after a few sessions on their server, Deacon Barry was asked to join Wolfpack. With them he entered his first competitive Warband tournament, the European Native League, which proved to be a massive success as his skill was noticed by all and he began to be compared to all the well established names in the business. In Wolfpack the soon to be superstar of the scene also meet his left and right hand in Azan and Blivandefar, who would go on to follow him into battles in the years to come. Because the ENL proved to be too little of a challenge at the time, Deacon decided to make a name for himself as a duelist. In roughly 20 minutes he build the foundations that would later carry him through the Nditions duelling tournament, making all opposition except for M and Peter - two fellow gods that later joined him in his cause for dominance - look like wobbling delitants.

It soon became clear that the only goal left was total domination for the next decade of competitive play. So Deacon Barry did what he had to do, he founded Apis Europae. Because his reknown as charismatic leader and versatile infantrymen had already spread across country borders, only the bravest and most skilled warriors saw themselves fit to answer his call to arms. Not much has to be written about what happened afterwards, as the songs of young and old, men and women on the streets in every major city of the world tell it better than I could put into words here.

Throughout his career, which was ultimately characterized only by setting new records and successes, Deacon Barry knew how to combine mechanical skill, battlefield oversight and gaming intelligence in one person like no other. A master of both aggressive and defensive stances, there was nobody that could challenge him. His footwork alone proved to be too much to handle for many of the weakminded players who where unfortunate enough to cross his path. His excellent technique with the javelin and the seemingly effortless work with the warspear still are unreached today. The styles and moves that Deacon Barry invented are now the foundation for training new generations of infantrymen around the globe. In every monastery, in every barracks, the teachings of this legendary warrior are studied and trained down to the smallest detail. Admittedly, none of the infantrymen who follow him will ever reach the heights of his creativity, but that's not too bad - not everyone is born a god.

Fortunately, historians, at the risk of their lifes, have managed to recover some of the few recordings of his game from the ruins of a mega temple in Ashikara. They shall serve us as a reminder of Deacon Barrys unattainable greatness.​

Deacon Barry.
Master of the Arcane Techniques.
Ruler of Calradia.
Emperor of Apis Europae.
The Greatest Infantry Ever.
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