Why can't I re-equip my caravan leader ?

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My first caravan is commanded by my first companion, who is in basic clothes - no armour .. and I want to re-equip her with newly bought armour ...but I cannot seem to do it. If I intercept her on the strat map, there is no option to do this. If I'm in the same city as her, I still cannot interact with her. I find her in the Lords hall ... why is a caravan leader in the Lords hall ???? either way .

I need to access her in the "Trade" screen, where I can change her equipment.



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You can't. Unless to lose the caravan (can it be disbanded?) and take them back into your party! That's what you get for making a caravan, you get trouble!
It doesn't matter what their gear is though, except for weapons if they get in battle they can get some skill ups, but the actual gear dies matter and hopefully their battles are rare.


That's a bummer though, to have to disband a $15,000 Caravan to bring back the comapnion to your party in order to re-equip him/her with new stuff.
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