Why are there so few maps?

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We are rapidly approaching TWO years of early access, and 3+ years if you want to count the alpha/beta period. In that time, we have a grand total of.......

5 Skirmish maps. -three of which have been around since pre-early access.....

And like what, 3 TDM maps? Something like 5 Siege maps? Not sure how many Captain maps, but you can probably count them on one hand as well.

Okay, so I get that Taleworlds doesn't want to release the necessary tools for private servers or multiplayer modding (Actually I don't get it, but whatever, I've resigned to the fact the community will never get such things), but just 5 Skirmish maps in over 3 years? C'mon man....

I hear that the mp division of Taleworlds is short-staffed, but they really don't have the resources to get a few more people producing maps? It's honestly quite confusing.

Compare Bannerlord's lack of maps to the interesting and varied selection Warband offered: Verloren, San'di'boush, Castellum, Frosthaven, Naval Outpost, Legacy Town, Fort of Honour, Ruins, Field by the River, Reveran Village, Mountain Fortress -just to name a few.

The lack of maps makes Bannerlord feel pretty stale.



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My guess is that they lack mappers for MP as for example NIN3 seems to be filling in for balance. All their mappers are probably focusing on the singleplayer part and crafting all those battle maps if i would have to guess.

Yet another reason for custom servers to come out.


They have more maps for MP in game files, I don't know why they don't make those maps public.


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It takes more than a year to create a map, according to legit sources.

Modders are using cheats to make maps faster!


The claims that there are not enough maps are part of a Russian disinformation campaign executed by Russian trolls to undermine the authority of Taleworlds.


One and only excuse I can think of is they want to make the game more competitive; have less maps,so players can conjure consistent strategies and callouts or something but M&B has never been a moba or a tactical shooter so what the ****. And the side effect of this CS:GO-type of map pooling and design is it inherently makes the games less exciting and immersive.

Still, there isn't excusing there being as few as there is, especially since their map layouts aren't exactly revolutionary works of mapping genius. There's probably a dozen people actually doing work in their office, and since new maps aren't going to undo the decades of bat**** decision-making, I wouldn't want to burn themselves out for this.


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One and only excuse I can think of is they want to make the game more competitive; have less maps,so players can conjure consistent strategies and callouts or something
U went into my top 5 conspiracies theories about bannerlord MP


Since TDM doesn't need anything specific for its maps I think they should just add the skirmish and captain maps to it, can't really think of any reason why not. Maybe the skirmish maps would be too small for a full server but the captain maps could definitely work.


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If the private servers allow for custom maps, they could easily hold a mapping contest and increase their map pool dramatically. That's if the modders are still around these days.
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