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Why are there levels?

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Dont get me wrong, I love a good old leveling system, but why are there levels, if they arent even visable to other player? You dont even get anything for reaching new levels, not even a lousy badge. If you introduce levels to a game, they should at least have "any" purpose.
The purpose is secret my friend, they aren't allowed to say. The plans for bannerlord cant be revealed, it has to be a surprise for those of us who make it to 2026.


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I think that levels might be made into a special badge at the end of EA, not sure though


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They've said they are planning a cosmetic system if I remember correctly. I assume this will be tied in to it.
I think that's a given at this point, especially with a console release on the horizon. Not sure if it'll necessarily be in the next MP update though.
PLease no I was just kidding, I agree picking your own weapon/armour loadout would be nice but lootboxes are ****


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PLease no I was just kidding, I agree picking your own weapon/armour loadout would be nice but lootboxes are ****
It's certainly not in cement and there hasn't been any mention of lootboxes. If I'm remembering right they did say they're not going to completely rule out the option of purchasable cosmetic's which in my opinion means they are one-hundred percent planning it. The leak of the elephant DLC tells me they're planning to go down that route also.

However, none of this will mean anything if there's no one actually playing the game, so I guess a lot of it will bank on the fact of whether they can revive the MP otherwise they might not even bother with it.

Take it all with a grain of salt, though I wouldn't be too surprised if they do.


If it ever gets a purpose they better start giving XP from matches on TDM and siege servers, I'm not going back to skirmish and I've sucked at captain forever.
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