Why are my lords so ****ING useless???

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First off, I'm fairly new to this game. I played it a bit on PC but I recently really got into it on PS4.

Long story short, I decided to take up Arwa The Pearled One's cause, The Sultanate only have 1 city left which is Shariz, everywhere else has been conquered by Vaegirs and Khergits. I've managed to persuade 5 lords over to my side and let me just say that they are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY useless.

They only do 1 of 2 things.

1) Stand around a city or castle, with their 40 troops, for the rest of eternity.
2) Run head first into Sultan Hakim and get slaughtered.

They don't make any efforts in increasing their numbers and quality of troops. I don't know if I'm the one who's supposed to be running around training and giving them troops but the 2 times I did that, the ****ing idiots got into a fight and lost all of his troops.

As of now I've completely given up on trying to raise an actual army. I'm planning on just getting to 400 troops, gathering the 3 lords who are standing around being useless and siege Shariz. With everyone inside it.
thats normal because theyre all dumb as you can see, especially if theyre defectors, so i recommend you appoint yourself as marshal so you can start campaigns, they might not always show up because its obvious theyre very busy, with things such as patrolling enemy land.
yeah, don't think the AI can do much. I was playing a modded Gekokujo game and I just let the lords do their own thing, hope they can intercept a few minor lords with their 40 man warbands. With my high engineering I was able to just steam roller across the map in a short space of time.

Not sure if any of the mods involve improved AI.
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