Who's going back to Warband?

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Archonsod said:
Funnily enough the WFaS multiplayer is better than Warband. At least in my opinion.

As for bugs, take a look at the stickies.

I definitely agree there. I don't care much for the singleplayer (at least with the current amount of bugs) but the multiplayer feels dynamic, fun, and quite balanced.
I apolgise for getting the company name wrong ill edit it to "paradox" but my anger with this game remains. as they must of clearly evaluated there finished product and realised how shoddy and beta standard it is.
Frankly they must of known that they where realising a con of a game.
so yes since the majority of this loyal community bought a game that I assume payed crtics to give biast reviews.
since not one of them mentioned a bad aspect

A example there for you.

so yes with the money that was took out the loyal communitys hands. who might I add have made mods that have drasticly improved the sales of Mount and blade.
So i think we have the right to complain about the sheer utter shameful quality of this game. that shouldnt of been realised  for a good fewmore months.
The good reviews of the game aren't biased. It is a good game in comparison to what most $13 expansion packs offer in most other games. Even if it is buggy at release.

The people here on the forums represent the harder core fans of the original game and are thereby biased themselves in that they're judging this game in comparison to the previous games and other mods, whereas most reviews try to review it in comparison to other game expansions as a whole.
Weeeelllll... its really, really buggy.  Given its a mod with a previous development lifespan its unbelievably buggy, imo.

On the other hand if it gets a good revision then maybe it'll be worth the playing, I can certainly see some potential.

But as things stand, if you haven't parted with cash yet, then don't - wait until some fixes are put in.
We can all agree that single player sucks but people actually like multiplayer? FPS is all the multiplayer of this game is right?  Its equivalent of DOOM (1993). Actually i'll take that back atleast DOOM had a sprint feature.  I love how my thread got locked instantly, i guess im a resident of North Korea & the moderator is Kim Jong Il, can't post consumer feedback?
PROTOZ said:
I love how my thread got locked instantly, i guess im a resident of North Korea & the moderator is Kim Jong Il, can't post consumer feedback?
No, but seeing as you found an already existing thread that could serve the same purpose, there wasn't much reason to start another, was there?
Plus, calling the content of that thread "consumer feedback" is a bit overly charitable, no?
I must say "With Fire and Sword" is strangely lacking -- it's basically a M&B mod for guns.  Many of the new quests are entertaining (on par with previous M&B games, at least) and there is more political and story material to enjoy.  But otherwise, there is little about the setting that really captures the allure of the Renaissance -- fencing, duels, big cities, highwaymen robbing stagecoaches with sword and pistol at their sides -- the setting is great, so long as it's done well.  Unfortunately, the game suffers from a number of shortcomings, primarily in the lack of substance -- while the medieval world is perfect for M&B's combat system, the time of gunpowder and smaller melee arms (as well as more limited selections) eats away at the appeal of system, leaving many of us with something rather bland.

I still find Warband hugely entertaining, though... even after playing it for months.  I really hope Mount&Blade takes a more "adventure" oriented approach and returns to the medieval theme with its next installment.  There's still so much more material that the game can bring (from ships to beasts, more sieges, more duels... maybe even customizable castles, or at least troop types, etc).  I can only dream of how much more Mount & Blade can become. 

If they want to stick to the Renaissance theme, however, I would highly recommend a few additions:

1)  Larger towns and locales -- places like Florence and Paris were exciting and dangerous places, during both peacetime and wartime, and offered all sorts of intrigue and adventure.

2)  Substance -- Carriages, banks, player troupes, ships, new buildings and new advances in science all made the post-medieval world more exciting.  We see virtually none of that here.  Add some more material for players to interact with -- if you want to be a highwayman, you should be able to plan ambushes, infiltrate political events, or at least rob a stagecoach or two.  More honorable characters might engage in duels, perhaps with seconds, involve themselves in chases, theater events, or masked balls.  Brainstorm a little -- this is what the period is all about.  Travel via ship should be exciting -- perhaps with different ship types.  New medicines should be available, as well as famous period-piece gadgets like whips, pistol braces, and earblades, just for a start. 

3)  Finally -- and this is the big one -- this era should incorporate FENCING.  Not just the slow, hack-and-parry knight's dance that looked good in the dark medieval.  Fencing was an enormous part of this time period and even musketeers had to know how to fend off an assailant once they'd discharged their sidearms.  Marksmanship should be a thing of war; also it should be optional in duels.  Otherwise, fencing is also a huge part of the time period that made the time appealing. 

These may seem like a lot, but believe me -- there is a reason so many criticisms are being voiced thus far.  The prospect of a Renaissance is a very exciting concept -- but it has to be done right.  For my love of the Mount & Blade series as a whole, I sincerely hope they continue to innovate with this one. 
Been playing Warband since release mostly MP and to be honest i was pretty sure i would not like this game with all the guns. But having played 5 hours of MP in total i am actually enjoying the game a bit. Only thing that is driving me back to warband is that Fire & Sword crashes  A LOT for me!! no idea why but its getting frustrating.
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